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The Best Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Cleaning Schedule

Having a clean and tidy home is beautiful, but in reality, someone has to do the cleaning and tidying. That’s why having a daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning schedule can be a tremendous help!

Before having a daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning schedule, I always felt overwhelmed trying to keep up with the house chores.

When my husband and I worked full-time, chores always fell to the back burner. There was always something more fun to do in our spare time than clean!

On the other hand, once I became a stay-at-home mom, I would clean more regularly, but I still fell behind on the chores you don’t do daily or weekly.

Half of the battle was even to remember what I was planning on accomplishing! (Hello, mom-brain!)

Plus, I hated doing all the chores at once and feeling like I was spending so much time cleaning.

I knew there had to be a better way to stay on top of my cleaning routine. This is why I made this daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly cleaning schedule.

Breaking down my cleaning schedule as simply as I could has helped me be consistent in taking care of our home. I no longer forget the tasks I want to do! Plus, I spend short amounts of time cleaning each day, and our house just feels better. 

If having a simplistic, practical cleaning schedule sounds excellent to you, keep reading. Not to mention, you’ll find two free printable daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly cleaning schedules at the end of the post!

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Daily Cleaning Schedule

When creating your daily cleaning schedule, it’s beneficial to split the tasks between the morning and evening.

Having certain tasks to do at specific times of the day will help you get into a routine of automatically doing those things. Plus, splitting your chores up will help you avoid feeling overwhelmed about what needs to get done. 

Morning Cleaning Tasks

  • Make Your Bed: Making your bed is the most simple task to do, and you’ll be surprised by how it starts your day off right!
  • Put Dirty Clothes In Hampers: Make sure dirty clothes make it to the hamper. Doing this in the morning helps to ensure no clothes are piling up everywhere until laundry day. 
  • Check/Sort The Mail: I check our mail every afternoon and keep it in this mail holder till the morning. Then in the morning, I sort through the mail and immediately put any important papers or bills where they need to go.

Evening Cleaning Tasks

  • Wash the Dishes:  Washing the dishes after dinner will help give you a fresh start in the morning.
  • Load/Unload the Dishwasher: Typically, I tend to load/unload the dishwasher whenever it’s needed. But, I always make sure to load the dishwasher with the dirty dishes after dinner. 
  • Wipe Down Kitchen Counters: After I load the dishwasher and the counters are clear, I clean the counters to ensure they are ready for the morning. 
  • Sweep The Floor:  After I clean the kitchen counters, I quickly sweep the kitchen and dining areas to scoop up any crumbs.
  • Empty Kitchen Garbage Can (If Needed): The last thing I do in the kitchen every night is check the garbage can. If it’s full, my husband or I will take it to the dumpster to prevent it from smelling overnight. 
  • Fold Blankets on the Couch: Before we start our bedtime routines, I fold any blankets that we use on the couches. 
  • 15-Minute Pickup: The 15-minute pickup is crucial in keeping clutter from taking over your house. All you do is set a timer for 15 minutes and go room-to-room putting away as much as you can. 

The great thing about the 15-minute pickup is that it turns tidying up into a game. Your kids will find it fun to see if they can get the task done before the timer runs out. 

Also, don’t feel like you have to do these daily cleaning tasks all independently. For example, have your partner do pickup with your kids while you take care of the kitchen or the other way around. 

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Weekly Cleaning Schedule 

When making your weekly cleaning schedule, you’ll want to think of the tasks that you want to do frequently but not daily.

  • Vacuum Carpets/Rugs: Vacuuming weekly will help keep your carpets fresh. Although, you might find that rugs in high-traffic areas might need to be vacuumed twice a week.
  • Mop The Floors: Mopping the floors weekly, especially in the kitchen, will keep them from getting hard to clean.
  • Clean Bathrooms: Doing a quick wipe down of the bathroom(s) will help prevent them from smelling. To keep the weekly bathroom wipedown fast and efficient, I focus on cleaning the counters and sinks, the shower/bathtub, the mirrors, and the outside of the toilet. If you only have one bathroom, you might find that you’ll need to scrub the toilet bowl as well.
  • Wipe Down Light Switches and Door Knobs: Wiping down frequently touched areas like light switches and doorknobs will keep them sanitized and looking great!
  • Wash/Fold Laundry: Unless you prefer to wash laundry daily, laundry day will be a weekly task. I wash laundry once the hamper is full, so I don’t have a set “laundry day.” However, you can choose one day of the week that works best for you and get all of the laundry done at once. (UPDATE: I’ve recently implemented a laundry schedule; check out the details here!)
  • Wash Bedding: Many people suggest washing your bedding once a week. However, if you find that’s too much laundry to keep up with, you can easily clean the bedding every two weeks. My biggest tip for washing bedding is to avoid doing it on the same day as your everyday laundry. Washing everything in one day can start to feel like all you do is laundry!
  • Take the Garbage Out: If you live in an area where your garbage is picked up once a week, make sure to add that day to your weekly cleaning schedule, so it’s not forgotten.
  • Take Care of Pet Duties: If you have pets, consider what things of theirs you want to clean regularly. For example, we have two cats, so we clean their litter box once a week. Other possibilities could be cleaning up the yard if you have dogs or washing your pet’s bed.

The Day-By-Day Weekly Cleaning Schedule Alternative

To simplify the time you spend cleaning, it’s beneficial to implement a day-by-day weekly cleaning schedule.

First, you’ll want to determine what cleaning tasks you want to do weekly. Then, you’ll assign each cleaning job to a particular day of the week.

The best part of making a day-by-day weekly cleaning schedule is that you won’t feel like you have a ton to do in one day. Each task is spread out through the week, taking away any overwhelm that can happen when you see a long to-do list. 

Here is an example of my day-by-day weekly cleaning schedule:

Monday: Vacuum carpets/rugs
Tuesday: Wash/fold laundry
Wednesday: Take the garbage out, clean the cat litter box
Thursday: Vacuum carpets/rugs, mop the floors
Friday: Clean the bathrooms, wipe down light switches and doorknobs
Saturday: Wash bedding
Sunday: No weekly chores!

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Monthly Cleaning Schedule

As you create your monthly cleaning schedule, you’ll want to brainstorm what things in your home you want to clean only once a month.

  • Deep Clean Bathrooms: When I do the weekly quick clean of our bathrooms, that doesn’t include washing the floors, rugs, walls, and scrubbing the toilet bowl. I clean those items in the bathroom once a month. Although, you might need to clean these items more than once a month if you have only one bathroom.
  • Clean Appliances: Once a month, I scrub down the fridge, microwave, oven, and toaster. Also, I polish the stovetop (I have a glass top stove) and run a cleaning cycle of vinegar through the dishwasher. If you find once a month isn’t frequent enough, you can try cleaning these things every two weeks instead.
  • Descale Coffee Maker: Because coffee is a morning must-have for my husband and me, I make sure to descale the coffee maker regularly. To descale, my coffee machine suggests filling the water reservoir with two cups of vinegar and then the rest with water. Vinegar is a fantastic descaler, but check to see what your coffee maker recommends!
  • Wipe Down Fronts of Kitchen Cabinets: It’s amazing how much grime can build up on kitchen cabinets in a short amount of time. I use this degreaser and scrub every part of the fronts of the cabinets. 
  • Go Through Pantry Cabinets: Another task that I take care of monthly is going through our pantry to organize/check expiration dates. Not only does this make sure the cabinets are decluttered, but it helps us save money by eating what we already have first. 
  • Clean Windows/Window Sills: Windows is another part of the house that you don’t necessarily realize is dirty until you clean them. I also wipe out the window tracks and scrub the window sills.
  • Dust Throughout the House: Dusting is one of my least favorite tasks, so I am ok with making sure it gets done once a month. If you need to dust more often, you can do this weekly or bi-weekly. One thing that helps make dusting easier for me is this kit!
  • Vacuum Air Vents and Baseboards: Like dusting, ensure the air vents and baseboards get vacuumed out and wiped down. I’ve noticed that the bathroom vents can get incredibly dusty, so vacuuming them is crucial for keeping them working properly. This vacuum is incredible, and I have never had a problem with it.
  • Replace Furnace/Water Filters: Depending on the model of furnace you have, it might be ideal to replace/clean the air filter once a month. Also, if you use a water filter, you’ll want to make sure to replace the filter regularly. 
  • Vacuum Underneath Furniture: Vacuuming under the furniture was never a priority until I had a child; it’s remarkable how many things toddlers lose under the couch! Moving the couch to vacuum will help you recover lost toys and get rid of accumulated Cheerios and dust bunnies. 

How do I keep up with the monthly cleaning schedule? 

When starting a daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning schedule, you might find it hard to keep track of the monthly cleaning tasks.

When you only clean something once a month, it’s hard to remember what needs to be done next. Unless, of course, you do all of the tasks in one day. But who wants to do that?!

The easiest way to keep track of monthly tasks is to assign specific tasks to each week of the month. Once a new week starts, I try to take care of the monthly tasks as soon as I have extra time.

Here is an example of my monthly cleaning schedule:

1st week of the month: Deep clean bathrooms, descale the coffee maker
2nd week of the month: Vacuum underneath furniture, vacuum air vents/baseboards, change filters
3rd week of the month: Clean windows/window sills, dust throughout the house
4th week of the month: Clean appliances, wipe down, and go through kitchen cabinets

Yearly Cleaning Schedule

When it comes to making a yearly cleaning schedule, you’ll want to think of the tasks that you don’t necessarily need to clean very often.

  • Clean Behind Kitchen Appliances: Cleaning behind appliances can be such a massive task. You’ll want to make sure to clean behind them at least once a year. Typically, you’ll want to clean behind the refrigerator and oven.
  • Clean On Top of Fridge and Cabinets: The tops of the fridge and kitchen cabinets accumulates so much dust and grease. You’ll want to wipe them down with a degreaser like this one at least once a year.
  • Deep Clean Upholstery: You might not think your couches and other upholstery get too dirty. But, you could be surprised how much better it looks once it’s clean! You can either hire a professional or invest in a cleaner like this one and do it yourself. 
  • Clean Out Kitchen Cabinets: I suggested above that it’s beneficial to go through the pantry cabinets. But, it’s also excellent to clean out the other cabinets in your kitchen once a year. Take some time to look through any gadgets and appliances you have. Donate the things that are just taking up space.
  • Clean Out Bathroom Cabinets: Like the kitchen cabinets, go through the bathroom cabinets and drawers to throw out expired products or medications.
  • Clean Out Closets: Another great place to clean out is your bedroom/linen closets once a year. Donate any clothes or items you haven’t used to free up some space.
  • Clean Out Garage: The garage can often become messy or cramped. That’s why it’s fantastic to go through and organize it once a year. 
  • Deep Clean Carpets: Like the upholstery in your home, you may not realize how dirty the carpet gets until it’s fresh and clean. You can hire a professional to deep clean the carpets, or you can invest in a cleaner like this one (it’s especially great if you have pets!). 
  • Clean Out Dryer Vent: Regularly cleaning out the clothes dryer vent is essential. Ensuring the vent is clean keeps the appliance working correctly and helps to prevent fires. When it comes to cleaning and inspecting the dryer vent, it can be beneficial to leave it to the professionals.
  • Touch Up Chipped Paint: Touching up the paint in your house once a year can help give your rooms a refresh. 

How do I keep up with the yearly cleaning schedule?  

It can be challenging to keep up to date with your yearly cleaning schedule, like the monthly cleaning tasks.  The easiest way for me to stay on top of the yearly cleaning schedule is to assign specific tasks to each month.

Here is an example of my yearly cleaning schedule:

January: Clean behind kitchen appliances
February: Clean top of fridge and cabinets
March: Clean out kitchen cabinets
April: Deep clean upholstery
May: Deep clean carpets
June: Clean out the dryer vent
July: Clean out closets
August: Clean out bathroom cabinets
September: Touch up any chipped paint
October: Clean out the garage
November: No yearly chores!
December: No yearly chores!

Printable Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Cleaning Schedule

Daily Weekly Monthly Cleaning Schedule OPT IN Form

Click here to download the cleaning schedules!

If you’re thinking, ‘how do I make a cleaning schedule?’, I’ve got great news. I know firsthand that making a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly cleaning schedule can be challenging to start. So, to make things easier, I have two free printable templates for you!

There are two options; the first is the exact daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly cleaning schedule that I use. The second printable is a blank template for you to make your own if you’d prefer. Just print the option you choose, and you’re ready to go!

I hope my tips for creating a daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning schedule have helped you feel less overwhelmed! When you make a cleaning routine that fits your family’s needs, you will be amazed at how the upkeep of your home becomes simple. 

Also, keep in mind that you don’t need to wait until your kids are napping to do housework. There are plenty of chores that even toddlers can do, and you’ll find that they enjoy helping! So, enlist the help of your family, and make sure you spend those precious naptime hours doing something that makes you happy.

Do you have a daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning schedule? I would love to hear what has helped you the most in the comments below!

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