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25 Practical And Fun Easter Basket Ideas For Babies

Celebrating your baby’s first Easter is such a memorable and fun time. The weather is getting nicer, your family gathers together for Easter traditions, and there’s the excitement of egg hunts and games with the children. 

But, when it comes time to put an Easter basket together, you might wonder, ‘what do you put in a baby’s Easter basket?’. When it comes down to it, making your baby’s first Easter basket is more straightforward than you think. With these Easter basket ideas for babies, you’ll find everything you need for the perfect Easter basket. 

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Entertaining Easter Basket Ideas For Babies

1. Easter Board Books 

Books make great gifts for all children, especially when they are fun, holiday-themed stories! I always love getting my kiddo new books every holiday because it gives us a break from the stories we often read. 

Here are our top five Easter board books for babies:

2. Teethers 

You can never have too many teethers when you have a teething baby. That’s why this carrot teether is a fantastic item to add to your baby’s first Easter basket. Not only is it adorable, but it has two handles, making it easy for your baby to hold.

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3. Rattles 

Rattles are also excellent Easter basket ideas for babies. When your baby plays with a rattle, they will love hearing the sounds that it makes. But, learning how to shake the rattle can help develop their fine motor skills. 

In addition to being a rattle, this sweet, stuffed bunny toy also has tags and a teether. It’s got all the features your baby will love!

4. Car Seat Toy

When looking at toys for your baby, you want to make sure that the toy will hold your baby’s interest. This musical bug will have no problem doing just that! 

This car seat pull-down toy has many colors and features that your baby will love to play with. In addition to playing music, it also has some rings and a small mirror to keep your baby engaged.

5. Stuffed Bunny

Getting your baby their first stuffed Easter bunny is such a lovely thing to add to their basket. I love this one from Melissa And Doug because their toys are such high-quality items!

6. Pacifier Holder

If your baby uses a pacifier, a paci holder is such a great thing to have. A pacifier holder like this one is easy for your baby to hold and helps to keep the pacifier in their mouth. 

I love this brand because the pacifier is removable, and they are machine washable. That makes it so easy to wash the inevitable drool off!

7. Soft Fabric Ring Stacker

Stacking toys are great for babies, even if they don’t get the hang of it for a little while. What’s fantastic about this set of stacking rings is that each ring has a different sound or texture on it. They provide a sensory experience that babies love!

8. Chill Vibes Walrus Soother Plush

I can’t stress enough how terrific sound machines are when trying to soothe your baby. While we have always had this one in my son’s room, it’s also nice to have a sound machine that is more portable. 

This adorable walrus will make an excellent addition to your baby’s first Easter basket. On top of being a cute and cuddly toy, this walrus has sounds, music, vibrations, and volume control. 

9. Baby Safe Mirror

When your baby is between 0-6 months old, it’s crucial that your baby gets enough tummy time. One way to ensure this is with tummy time activities and toys. One of the most intriguing tummy-time toys for babies is a mirror.

This baby-safe mirror is great because it has black-and-white designs around the frame that add even more interest.

10. Bath Toys

Next on our list of Easter basket ideas for babies is bath toys. But remember, not all bath toys are created equal! To avoid any mold or mildew growing inside bath toys, choose options that don’t hold water (like bath squirters). 

These bath bobbers make a wonderful addition to bathtime, as they are watertight. You won’t have to worry about these toys getting moldy, and your baby will love watching their silly movement in the bathtub!

11. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes

Another small toy that’s great for babies is the Take Along Tunes from Baby Einstein. This was one of my son’s favorite toys when he was a baby, and he still enjoys listening to it from time to time. 

What I love most about this musical toy is that it doesn’t play obnoxious baby songs. It has ten different classical melodies and volume control.

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12. Fancy Outfits

When it comes to Easter outfits for babies, you can go all out and get something that is super fancy, or you can get a simple, nice outfit. 

I prefer less extravagant outfits, especially when it comes to dressing babies. For example, this outfit for girls (or this one for boys) is more my style! But, the great thing is that there are so many styles to choose from! You’ll surely find one you love.

13. Bows/ Bowties

If you’re getting your little one a fancy outfit for Easter, top it off with a cute bow or bowtie! Even if the bow/tie only stays on long enough for pictures, you won’t regret it.

14. Onesies

On the other hand, if you want to keep it relaxed and easy, go with an Easter onesie! These onesies are sweet and ensure that your baby is comfortable throughout the whole day.

15. Pajamas

Another great thing to include in your baby’s Easter basket is some new pajamas. Now, these don’t necessarily have to be Easter-themed; any cooler PJs for spring will do!

We have enjoyed this brand, and they have always held up well. These ones are adorable and come in many prints for girls and boys!

16. Sandals

Growing up, my mom always gave us a new pair of sandals each Easter. I always looked forward to getting a new pair, as I always wore out my old ones by the time summer was over. 

Of course, buying sandals for your baby can entirely depend on their age. It probably won’t make sense to buy sandals for a newborn to 3-month-old, but if your baby is nearing 1-year-old, then it would make sense. 

When buying sandals for babies, you’ll want to find closed-toe sandals. Sandals that cover your baby’s toes will help to protect them a bit better than open-toe sandals. These ones are great options for babies because they are very reasonably priced, come in many color options, and have great reviews!

17. Sun Hat

Sun hats are perfect springtime gifts because your child will only use them more and more as summer approaches. Also, sun hats are crucial when taking your baby outside to ensure that they stay cool and covered. 

We had this one for our son, and it’s an excellent choice. It has a wide brim and an adjustable band that allowed him to wear it well past his first summer. Plus, it comes in many cute designs!

18. Bunny Ears

Bunny ears are always a classic choice when looking for Easter basket ideas for babies. Plus, your baby will especially love playing with bunny ears as they get closer to 12-months-old. Not to mention, the pictures will be so darling!

19. Hooded Towel

Hooded towels are great for keeping babies warm once they get out of the bath. A sweet hooded towel like this one (or this one) will be a cute accent in your baby’s first Easter basket.

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20. Puffs

If your baby is over 6 months old and loves snack time, add some non-perishable snacks to their Easter basket! Baby puffs are a popular choice that many babies love.

21. Yogurt Melts

Yogurt melts are another great snack option that babies love. These yogurt snacks are organic and are a great sweet treat for babies!

22. Sippy Cups

Sippy cups are one of the more useful Easter basket ideas for babies, as they are an item that your child will use for quite a while! We love these 360 Miracle sippy cups the most!  

They might look a little odd to use, but they are pretty straightforward. Not to mention, they are much healthier for your baby’s growing teeth than a traditional sippy cup.

23. Bibs

Like clothing, bibs make great Easter basket ideas for babies. Because they are simple to fold up, they don’t take up much room in your child’s basket!  

We recommend these bibs (or these ones for boys) because they have a water-resistant layer that helps prevent stains on your baby’s cute clothes. 

24. Utensils

Baby-safe utensils are perfect for adding to your baby’s Easter basket because, like the bibs, they don’t take up much room.  

For younger babies who are just starting solids, we loved these spoons! And, for older babies who are learning how to use utensils on their own, these ones are the best.

25. Snack Catchers

As your baby gets older, their love of snacks gets more intense. 😉 We use these Snack Catchers, and not only do they help to contain the mess, but they can ensure that your child slows down while they’re eating.

The Best Easter Baskets (And Alternatives) For Babies

Because babies don’t participate in an Easter egg hunt, you don’t need to worry about picking a large basket for their goodies. Also, there are many options as to what you can make their Easter basket out of. Here are our top six choices of Easter baskets for babies:

Soft Basket

When choosing your baby’s first Easter basket, you’ll want to find a soft one. There are many options, like fabric or felt, for example, but we love this plush bunny! It’s the perfect size for babies, comes in many colors, and is inexpensive!

Toy Basket

Using a toy basket as an Easter basket is another option that provides more use. After Easter is over, you can use the basket to store more of your child’s toys! This toy basket is a terrific option because it’s a great size, and its neutral colors will look good in any room!


If you’re looking for a larger Easter basket option that also serves another purpose, this wagon will be the perfect fit! It’s larger than regular baskets, and as your baby starts walking, they’ll be able to pull their toys around in it!

Sand Pail

A sand pail Easter basket will be a fun alternative if you live near the beach! This three-pack is excellent if you have multiple children, plus they come with scoopers!

Dump Truck

If you have a mini car-lover in your home, this dump truck will be a hit! This 20″ truck is a great size to play within the yard. Plus, it’s from a fantastic brand known for quality products!

Jumbo Egg

Lastly, this jumbo Easter egg is a unique and fun basket option. It’s 10″ tall, so it’s a great size if you want to get your baby smaller goodies. 

Easter Basket Ideas For Babies Pin Image

When creating your baby’s first Easter basket, know that whatever you choose will be a hit! Babies are generally easy to please, so I’m sure they will love anything you include in their basket. 

Also, remember that these Easter basket ideas for babies are just a guideline. Any item you think your baby would love will be fantastic!

What are your favorite Easter basket ideas for babies? I would love to know in the comments below!

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    1. I recommend the Dollar Tree to save a little money on baby books for the Easter basket! I nabbed “A Very Colorful Easter” on my last visit. They also have inexpensive snacks like apple sauce pouches and teething biscuits. You could also get Boogie Wipes or bubble bath, among other things, I’m sure! Instead of the plain stuffed bunny, I’d suggest the Peekapets bunny.

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