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The Best Developmental Activities For 3-Month-Olds

As your baby transitions out of the newborn phase, it’s a great time to add some new things to their routine. Your baby is likely becoming more aware of their surroundings and enjoys soaking everything in.

This list of activities for 3-month-olds is excellent for encouraging your baby to play while developing their motor skills.

It’s fantastic to watch our babies grow and develop. As you read this list, keep in mind that your baby might not be ready for some of these activities, and that’s fine! Babies develop at different rates, and that’s perfectly normal. However, never hesitate to call your doctor with any questions you have.

Let’s start with some developmental milestones:

At three months, most babies will be able to…

  • Raise head and chest during tummy time
  • Open and close hands
  • Swat at hanging objects
  • Beginning to grasp toys
  • Follow moving objects
  • Turn head towards sounds
  • Your baby’s vision has also significantly improved by 3-months-old

Keep these developmental milestones in mind as you think about fun 3-month-old activities that will help challenge your baby.

Now, on to the list of activities for 3-month-olds!

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1. Reading

Hello, Animals! Board Book- Activities for 3-Month-Olds

Reading is a terrific activity for children of any age because it creates a wonderful opportunity for bonding, and it shows your child that reading is fun. Plus, you will be setting the stage for a future bookworm. 

For 3 to 4-month-olds, soft books and high-contrast board books are a terrific choice. Both options provide plenty of stimulation for your baby.

Not to mention, high-contrast books are easier for younger babies to see. My son loved this high-contrast book; it always kept his attention for so long!

Also, keep in mind that whatever books you let your baby play with will surely end up covered in drool.

Benefits of reading:

  • Starts teaching baby communication and listening skills
  • Creates more bonding moments
  • Helps expose baby to more vocabulary

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2. Tummy Time

Bright Starts Tummy Time Prop & Play Activity Mat

Tummy time is one of the most crucial activities for 3-month-olds because it helps strengthen your baby’s neck and back muscles. Neck and back muscle development is crucial as your baby starts to scoot and crawl around. Having a tummy time mat like this one can help your baby feel more comfortable.

You can start doing tummy time when your baby is in the newborn stage, but it gets to be more fun as your baby gets older. Also, a great thing about tummy time is that it’s such a versatile activity. You can do tummy time wherever and however your baby likes.

While your baby can practice many of these 3-month-old activities on their tummy, it’s helpful to have a complete list of tummy time activities for your child to try. Plus, if your baby struggles with tummy time in general, trying various activities will be helpful.

Benefits of tummy time:

  • Plenty of motor skill development opportunities
  • Helps strengthen neck and back muscles
  • Can prevent babies from developing flat spots on their head

3. Spend Time Outside

Regalo Indoor & Outdoor Portable Play Yard - Activities For 3-Month-Olds

Get outside to play with your baby as long as the weather permits! Playing outside has benefits for both you and your little one. Some of those benefits include an enhanced immune system, lowered stress, improved sleep quality, and more learning opportunities for your child.

There are plenty of easy ways to play outside with your 3-month-old. For instance, I loved going on walks with my son in his stroller or baby carrier

Also, you can lay a blanket or indoor/outdoor playard in the grass under the shade and do many indoor activities outside! Activities for 3-month-olds like reading or tummy time are fun to take outdoors to give your baby a change of scenery.

Benefits of playing outside:

  • Provides ample amounts of fresh air and sunlight
  • Opportunity to develop greater self-awareness
  • Many sensory experiences such as touching grass or water, for example.

4. Hanging Toys

Baby Einstein 5-in-1 Color Playspace Activity Play Mat

If you have an activity gym with hanging toys, now is the time to put it to use. Laying your baby under the toys gives them an excellent opportunity to practice swatting and grab at them.

We have this activity gym, and our son loved it. In addition to hanging toys, it comes with balls and a baby-safe mirror. Plus, it has many fun things to look at, providing great entertainment while doing tummy time!

If you don’t have an activity gym, there are also many great hanging toys like this one that can attach to a stroller or car seat.

Benefits of hanging toys:

  • Promotes hand-eye coordination and visual tracking
  • Great for motor skill development

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5. Blocks

Baby Einstein Soft Blocks Toys - Activities For 3-Month-Olds

Blocks are going to be fun for your child for a long time. However, as a 3-month-old, it’s best to start with soft blocks that they can chew on and knock around easily.

Our favorite first blocks for babies are these soft ones by Baby Einstein. We love these blocks because have high-contrast sides and sides with pictures of different colors and patterns.

Also, these blocks have sides with more exciting things like baby-safe mirrors and flaps. They are a hit during tummy time for sure!

Introducing your baby to blocks is very straightforward. To start, you can stack them into a small tower and show them how to push them over. Encouraging your baby to grab at blocks in front of them is a fantastic activity, too!

Benefits of playing with blocks:

  • Helps develop hand-eye coordination
  • Can teach cause and effect
  • Fine motor skills and hand muscle development

6. Balls

Infantino Textured Multi Ball Set

Balls are such terrific, versatile toys for all kids; there are many different ways to play with them! When choosing a ball for your 3-month-old, select bright ones that can be easily held and rolled. 

A fun thing to do with your baby is to roll the ball slowly in front of them. As a result, this will help with their object tracking! Also, you can give the ball a little toss, and your child can watch it bounce away. Plus, playing with balls will encourage your baby to scoot and crawl after them.

My son liked these ones when he was little. (And still does 12+ months later!) They are sensory balls, meaning each ball has a different texture, and they are all different sizes. Because these sensory balls are easy for your child to hold, they will also be fun to chew on.

Benefits of sensory balls:

  • Promotes visual tracking and hand-eye coordination
  • Helps to teach cause and effect
  • Fine motor skills and hand muscle development
  • Encourages crawling to chase the ball

7. Singing and Dancing

Your baby loves the sound of your voice, without a doubt! So, what better to do than to sing to them! (P.S, they won’t care if you aren’t the greatest singer 😉)

If you don’t know what you should sing, you can always sing lullabies or start singing songs like the Itsy Bitsy Spider. Plus, if you choose to sing interactive songs like the Itsy Bitsy Spider, your baby will be mesmerized by the whole experience!

Another one of the special activities for 3-month-olds is dancing in front of a mirror. For example, a full-length mirror will be perfect for this activity.

All you have to do is turn on some fun music, hold your baby under their armpits in front of the mirror, and gently bounce them on their feet. Just be sure that your baby has developed enough neck muscles to hold their head steady.

Having your baby bounce on their feet can help strengthen their leg muscles, plus they will get so excited to see their reflection in the mirror!

Benefits of singing and dancing:

  • Encourages creativity and imagination
  • Terrific bonding activity
  • Helps develop vocabulary and language skills
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8. Talk, Talk, Talk!

As I mentioned above, your baby loves to listen to you! Even though your baby might not understand the words you are saying, talking to them all the time is a beautiful thing to start doing.

For example, describe what’s around your baby as you move through the different rooms of your house. Also, if you are going out to run errands or for a walk, tell them what you are doing and what you see!

Also, try to avoid using a baby-talk voice. Allowing your baby to hear words as they are meant to be said will be helpful as they start talking later on.

Benefits of talking to your baby:

  • Helps develop language skills and vocabulary

9. Baby Massage

Baby massage is another one of the beneficial activities for 3-month-olds! It’s relaxing, which can help promote good sleep and help with their digestion or gas problems.

Baby massage is an excellent activity for tummy time or as an addition to their bedtime routine.

Benefits of baby massage:

  • Wonderful bonding activity
  • Great for relaxation and sleep

10. Bicycle Kicks

When my son was a baby, he loved to do bicycle kicks. And not only are bicycle kicks fun for babies, but they are also beneficial!

To do bicycle kicks with your baby, you’ll start by laying them on their backs. Then, you’ll take their legs and gently move them in cycling motions. 

Benefits of bicycle kicks:

  • Helps improve flexibility
  • Can help relieve gas
  • Works baby’s legs, knees, and hips

11. Bouncy Chair

Bright Starts Vibrating Baby Bouncer Seat - Activities For 3-Month-Olds

Bouncy chairs can provide so much entertainment for your baby once they are the appropriate age! Typically, most babies can use a bouncy chair once they are about 3-months-old, but every chair and baby is different.

My son loved using this bouncy chair. Once he figured out how to bounce it on his own, he loved it even more! Most bouncy chairs come with a bar of hanging toys, which, as I mentioned above, are great for babies to reach for and bat at. 

Benefits of bouncy chairs:

  • Helps teach cause-and-effect
  • Bouncing motions can help calm fussy babies

12. Ankle Rattles

Bright Starts Rattle & Teethe Wrist Pals Toy

Ankle rattles are another entertaining activity to do with a 3-month-old. Typically, ankle rattles are simply a rattle with a velcro strip that you can put around your baby’s ankle or wrist. As they move their arms or legs, they will hear the rattle sounds!

Benefits of ankle rattles:

  • Teaches cause and effect
  • Motor skill development
  • Certain wrist/ankle rattles can double as a teether
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13. Peek-A-Boo

Peekaboo is a great game to start playing with your 3-month-old because it teaches your baby object permanence, amongst many other things. Object permanence means that even though your baby can’t see something, it still exists.

Peekaboo also helps develop your baby’s visual tracking skills, aside from making your baby laugh. Plus, your baby will be learning some social skills from interacting with you.

For instance, you will be showing them how to take turns and make eye contact, which are both crucial skills for communication.

My favorite way to play peekaboo is with a small blanket, but you can use your hands or a toy like a stuffed animal.

Benefits of playing peekaboo:

  • Fun bonding activity
  • Teaches object permanence and social skills 
  • Promotes visual tracking

14. Interact With a Mirror

Baby Einstein High Contrast Floor Activity Mirror - Activities For 3-Month-Olds

Babies love mirrors. Just watching their reflection can bring so much entertainment! Not to mention, your baby will love playing with baby-safe mirrors even more as their eyesight improves.

When choosing a mirror for your baby to play with, make sure that it’s a baby-safe mirror. That means that it’s made out of a shatterproof material. 

Benefits of baby-safe mirrors:

  • Great activity for tummy time
  • Promotes fine motor skill development and visual tracking
  • Helps develop hand-eye coordination

15. Sensory Fun

Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball

Exposing your baby to many different textures will be a great sensory experience for them. And, the best thing is that you don’t have to buy anything fancy for this 3-mont-old activity; you’d be surprised by what you already have at home!

Things like a soft lovey toy, a crinkle book, a cold teether, or even grass can all be exciting sensory items for your baby (with supervision). Also, a toy like this bumpy ball is great because it has many different textures and even sounds in one place.

Benefits of sensory play:

  • Promotes creativity and problem-solving
  • Encourage motor skill development

16. Exercise Ball

Exercise Ball - Activities For 3-Month-Olds

If you have a yoga ball or exercise ball in your home, it can quickly turn into one of many fun activities for 3-month-olds! Plus, this activity is also great for tummy time. 

First, you will want to lay a thick blanket on top of the ball, which will make this activity more comfortable for your baby. Then, you will place your baby tummy-down on the ball while keeping a firm hold on them.  

Once your baby warms up to being on the ball, you can start to roll the ball back and forth gently or side to side.  

Remember to always have a good hold on your baby. If they start to fuss or squirm, it’s best to end the activity and try again later. 

Benefits of the exercise ball activity:

  • Great for mixing up tummy time activities
  • Promotes motor skill development
  • Helps strengthen neck and back muscles

17. Babywearing

Moby Classic Baby Wrap

You might not think of babywearing as a baby activity, but it is! When you wear your baby, they get the closeness and calming movements they need. Plus, there are so many benefits of babywearing!

If you want to start babywearing, you’ll want to find the best carrier for you. I used this wrap and this carrier and enjoyed both of them. 

Benefits of babywearing:

  • Baby can be less fussy
  • Can prevent babies from developing flat spots on their head
  • Great for closeness and bonding
  • Convenient for parents to have arms free

Activities for 3-Month-Olds Pin Image

The great thing about these activities for 3-month-olds is that you can continue to do most of these things as your baby gets older. For example, reading and going outside are two things that are always great for your child.

Also, don’t be afraid to give each of these activities a try. You might be surprised by which ones your child loves most!

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What were your favorite activities for 3-month-olds from this list? I would love to know in the comments below!

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  1. This is so nice ! I could have used this ! My baby is 9 months now
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  2. Awesome points. People forget that everything is new for babies. Babies will enjoy the simplest of tasks and that’s what makes it fun. Watching them learn something new!

    1. Yeah, that tummy time mirror is excellent! I think all babies like to look at themselves because mine did too. 🙂

  3. These are great ideas! This is the age where it can seem like the days are so long so it’s great to have some ideas to switch things up! My boys liked the little bouncer chairs where they could hit the things that hang down to make them play music.

    1. I agree, especially as a first-time mom; the days can seem long in the beginning! My son loved his bouncy chair as well!

  4. When my little one was this age she loved walks and her mirror. It was so much fun watching her reach milestones and hilarious to see her reaction to seeing herself.

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