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The Best Father’s Day Interview Questions For Kids

Father’s Day is the perfect time to show the dad in your life a little extra appreciation. Now, this could mean finding him the perfect gift, cooking his favorite meal, or even combining the two. But, having your kids fill out these Father’s Day interview questions will add a memorable moment to his day.

What I love most about these Father’s Day interview questions is that they are a perfect keepsake from your children. It’s fantastic to have this interview with your kids every year and see how their answers change.

And, even if your kids are younger and have silly answers, it’s still a fun activity to do with them.

Plus, to make this interview even more straightforward, I’ve created a free printable for you to use. You can find the printable after the list of interview questions, save it to your computer, and reuse it for the years to come!

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25 Father’s Day Interview Questions For Kids

  1. How old is dad?
  2. What is dad’s name? 
  3. What does dad call you?
  4. What is something dad always says to you?
  5. What makes dad happy?
  6. What makes dad sad?
  7. How does dad make you laugh?
  8. How do you make dad laugh?
  9. What is dad’s favorite thing to do?
  10. What is your favorite thing to do with dad?
  11. If dad becomes famous, what would it be for?
  12. What’s something dad always forgets?
  13. What is dad really good at?
  14. What is dad not really good at?
  15. What does dad do for work?
  16. What is dad’s favorite color?
  17. What is dad’s favorite food?
  18. What is dad’s favorite treat?
  19. What is dad’s favorite drink?
  20. What food does dad cook the best?
  21. Where is dad’s favorite place to go?
  22. What is dad’s favorite game?
  23. What’s your favorite memory with dad?
  24. What makes you proud of dad?
  25. What do you love most about dad?

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Father's Day Interview Questions Printable Download

Click here to download the free interview!

Tips for a successful Father’s Day interview:

Make Sure Your Child is Old Enough

While it’s cute to see the silly questions that a toddler comes up with, it is possible that your child could be too young to answer the Father’s Day interview questions.

With that being said, the typical age for starting the interview tradition is 3-years-old. When your child is at least three, they can understand most of the questions and give a (mostly) correct answer.

Choose the Right Time

If you are doing this Father’s Day interview with a toddler, make sure you choose the right time of day to start. 

For example, we all know that getting a toddler to do anything when they are hungry or tired doesn’t necessarily work. So, plan accordingly and choose a time like after a meal or nap.

Finish the Interview in Sections

Another tip for interviewing toddlers is to complete the questions in sections. For example, start with five or ten questions, stop if they lose interest, and try again another time. 

Asking these questions over time will ensure that your child gives their best answers, as they aren’t just trying to speed through them to be finished.

Have Someone Other Than Dad do the Interview

If you’re a dad, and you want your kids to do these interview questions for you, try having someone else ask your children the questions. 

For example, ask your partner to interview the kids. Or, if you’re a single parent, as a friend or grandparent to give it a try. 

Having someone who isn’t you ask your kids these questions can lead to more honest answers, which can be more meaningful in the end.

Make it Exciting

If your child is unsure of themselves while answering the interview questions, hype them up! Let them know that their answer was funny or spot on, and let them know that they are doing a great job trying.

Go to a Quiet Place

Asking these Father’s Day interview questions in a quiet place is preferable for a couple of reasons:

If you are interviewing a toddler, doing so in a quiet place can help keep them focused instead of distracted.

Or, if you have multiple children doing this interview, separating yourself from the rest of the kids will ensure that they each give their own answers.

Write Exactly What They Say

If your child is too young to write their own answers, write their answers for them, but don’t paraphrase or change anything!

The best part about this Father’s Day interview is the children’s innocent answers. Especially if you make this a yearly tradition, you’ll want to see how their answers change in their own words.

Skip the Questions They Don’t Know

If your child is really struggling to come up with an answer for a specific answer, go ahead and skip it. You can either come back to it later or skip it altogether; either way is just fine!

Record It!

To make this Father’s Day interview even more memorable, record your child’s interview! And don’t overthink it; even a video recorded on your phone will be the sweetest gift!

Father's Day Interview Questions Pin Image

I hope you enjoyed these Father’s Day interview questions! Remember that no matter how your child answers the questions, it will still be a memorable, sweet gift to their dad. I’m sure he will cherish it forever!

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What was your favorite Father’s Day interview question? I would love to know in the comments below!

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  1. These are such great questions and a cute printable! I’m excited to see how my 6 year old answers some of these😄 I love the idea to record them answering them as well!

  2. I tried your mother’s day interview questions with my toddler and most of his answers were totally hilarious. The down side was I forgot to record it. This time I will let my husband try your list. Won’t forget the camera on this time.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the Mother’s Day interview, Charina! Hopefully your husband enjoys this interview as well. 🙂

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