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The Top 18 Most Amazing Gifts For Expecting Dads

Pregnancy is a time filled with gifts for mom and baby, but often, dad is left out. While having a baby is a massive change for mom, dad is preparing for a significant life change as well! These awesome gifts for expecting dads will help celebrate these moments and remind him that he’s appreciated for all of his help during pregnancy!

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New Dad Gifts From Mom

While all of these gifts for expecting dads can come from his wife, the following list of gifts are extra special and filled with love. Dad-to-be will cherish these sentimental gifts, and they are a great way to show appreciation!

Baby Books About Dad

Reading is such a beneficial activity to do with babies, so what’s better than to add some books about Dad to your baby’s library!

Here are our top 5 favorite books about dad and baby:

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The Expectant Father

The Expectant Father is a fantastic book that will help both new dads and first-time dads. This book gives expectant dads an overview of their partner’s pregnancy, all the way through labor and delivery.

Not only will this gift give expectant dads a little more confidence in becoming a parent, but many moms enjoy reading this book, too! Reading The Expectant Father together during pregnancy can be a great bonding opportunity with your partner. 

Dad’s Memory Book

Many dads love to tell their kids stories; these stories are often about their life experiences. A memory book for dads will make storytelling much more effortless. 

This ‘Dad’s Journal’ is filled with exciting prompts to ensure Dad doesn’t forget a detail of his life! Dad can write down everything he wants his children and future grandchildren to know, from early memories to family history.

Sweet Onesie

A cute onesie with a sweet message will surely bring a smile to dad to be’s face! This onesie will remind Dad that he is the perfect dad for his baby!

Engraved Bracelet

If the dad-to-be in your life wears jewelry, this engraved bracelet is one of the most sentimental gifts for expecting dads!  

The front of the bracelet says ‘Dad,’ but on the inside, it says ‘Love You Dad.’ Whenever the dad in your life looks down, they will be reminded of how much they are loved.

Dad Keychain

Similar to a sentimental bracelet, a photo keychain will become a cherished gift that the dad in your life will love.

This keychain is made of metal and leather and says, ‘I Love You Dad’ After your baby is born, you can print the new dad’s favorite picture of him and his baby to put inside the keychain.  

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Cordless Earbuds

Whether it’s rocking their baby to sleep, trying to calm their crying baby, or during feedings, cordless earbuds can help give dad some entertainment without disturbing the baby. 

Dad-to-be can listen to an audiobook or listen to some music, which will help them stay awake during those first few weeks after bringing their baby home!

I use these cordless earbuds, and they work great. Having cordless earbuds has helped me stay awake during long night feedings!

Digital Picture Frame

After becoming a stay-at-home mom, I find I am always sending my husband pictures of our kiddo throughout the day. That’s why a digital picture frame is an incredible gift! 

With this smart digital picture frame, you can send photos and videos from your phone to the picture frame.

And if your partner doesn’t have a use for a picture frame at their work, it’s still a great gift to have at home. It’s nice to have your favorite photos cycling through the frame so you can see them more frequently! 

Handwritten Letter

Lastly, the most unique gift for the expectant dad from their wife is a handwritten letter. There is something extra romantic about handwriting a letter to the person you love, especially when it’s about the baby you are both bringing into this world.

In this letter, you can write how much you have appreciated your partner’s help throughout your pregnancy or how you know he will be a great dad. Anything that expresses your love and appreciation will be a cherished gift!

Fun Gifts For Expecting Dads

The following gifts for expecting dads are funny and entertaining and will surely bring a smile to the dad-to-be’s face. The wonderful thing about these gifts is that they are helpful and enjoyable, and they show that you put some thought into the gift.  

Matching Shirt And Onesie

What could be cuter than matching shirts for dad and baby?! The fantastic thing about matching shirts and onesies is that there are so many designs to choose from!

There is no doubt that you can find a matching shirt and onesie set that resembles anything Dad is into. There are video gaming sets, food sets, or even TV show and sports sets. The new dad will love matching his new baby in one of these fun matching sets!

Diaper Duty Device

Everyone knows the stereotype around dads and changing diapers – many dads try to avoid it! That’s why this funny gift for expecting dads is perfect.

This Diaper Duty Device is a hilarious gift, but it’s also practical! This gift includes some baby-changing essentials like diapers, wipes, diaper cream, and some funny items like tongs and goggles. All of these items are wrapped up in a cute diaper ‘tool belt.’ 

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Baby Carrier

Getting a baby carrier that’s comfortable for dad to wear is a fantastic gift. During the first few weeks home with our son, my husband would carry him in a wearable baby carrier to help calm him when he was upset. 

My husband loved wearing this carrier more than a baby wrap because it wasn’t as tight, and he felt it was more supportive for him.  

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Dad Jokes 

Everyone knows that dads tend to tell terrible jokes. Get the dad-to-be started early with this book of Dad Jokes!

This highly-rated book has over 600 dad jokes that are sure to make everyone laugh. Plus, it’s a fun and simple gift that any dad will love.

Nintendo Switch

I can say firsthand that a Nintendo Switch is an excellent gift for expectant dads.  

When our son was a newborn, he always took the best naps while laying on my husband’s stomach. My husband spent many of those naptimes playing a game on the Switch!

A Switch is an excellent gift for new dads because it’s so versatile and portable. There is a wide range of games to play, including old games from their childhood!


If you are looking for a great gag gift for the new dad in your life, look no further- FridaBalls is the gift for you.  

These boxer briefs come with a padded cup to protect the new dad from surprise kicks and hits. This gift will undoubtedly catch the dad to be by surprise and get him laughing!

Mom/Dad Coin

As a new parent, there are many duties that you and your partner will share. Between diaper changes, cleaning spit-up, and feedings, there are times when you want to call, ‘not it!’. 

That’s where this mom/dad coin comes in! This funny gift for expecting parents will bring some laughter to the sleepless days with a newborn. Plus, you can always use it on other things like house chores. 😉 

Coffee Tumbler

If the expectant dad in your life is a coffee or tea lover, this ‘Best Dad Ever’ tumbler will be the perfect gift!

This tumbler is not only cute, but it’s also insulated, so it will keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold throughout the day. Plus, its 20-ounce capacity is a perfect size!

A Diaper Bag He’ll Want To Use

Most dads probably won’t want to take their baby out of the house while carrying a flowery diaper bag. Get them a diaper bag that fits their style a little more!

We have this diaper bag, and we love it! It’s not only neutral-colored, but we find that the backpack style is much easier on our backs than a shoulder bag. Not to mention, it can hold all of the diaper bag essentials!

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There’s no doubt that the expecting dad in your life will love all of these gifts. Not only are they funny gifts, but they are helpful, and they will show the new dad that they’ve got this! 

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What are your favorite gifts for expecting dads? I would love to know in the comments below!

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  1. It’s good to see gift guides for expectant dads as usually mom’s take centre stage. There are some great ideas here. I love the book by Jimmy Fallon, the briefs and the Nintendo.

  2. This is an awesome list! I could see all dads liking any of these gifts 🙂 I really appreciated the Frida Balls gift (lol!) and got super nostalgic at the digital picture frame. We used to have one growing up that could actually record your voice too, and my dad loved it!

  3. This are really great gift suggestions for dads!! My favorite is the handwritten letter! I love giving these to my family members on different occasions.

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