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20 Special Gift Ideas For a Miscarriage Care Package

Experiencing a miscarriage is one of the most heartbreaking things to go through. Not only is a miscarriage rough physically, but it also takes a toll mentally. That’s why these miscarriage care package ideas are so helpful.

Creating a miscarriage gift basket for a grieving mom will help show her that you’re thinking of her. It will show her that she’s not alone during this terrible time. Plus, a miscarriage care package can help take her mind off of everything.

As a mom who’s experienced the heartache of miscarriage more than once, I can tell you firsthand how significant these miscarriage care package ideas are. Even the smallest gesture can mean the world to a grieving mother. 

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1. Necklace

Choosing a unique necklace can be a great way to honor a loss. The mom can wear the necklace and feel like that missing part of her life is still remembered. 

When selecting any jewelry to honor a miscarriage, it can be best to choose something that’s not too obvious. If it’s apparent that the jewelry is honoring a loss, people might be more inclined to ask questions, which can make the mom emotional.

That’s why I love this necklace. Its simple design is pretty while still having a special meaning. Plus, the necklace’s packaging has a sweet sentiment to make the whole thing even more meaningful.

2. Bracelet

If a bracelet is more what you’re looking for, you’ll want to choose one with a simple design like the necklace above.  

This bracelet is the perfect, subtle option! Its sleek design can work with any outfit so that the mom can wear it every day. Plus, the pattern of the beads spells out, ‘always in my heart” in Morse code, making its meaning a special secret.

3. Homemade Meal or Meal Kit

When anyone is going through a tragic loss, the last thing they want to do is figure out what’s for dinner. Providing the grieving mom with a meal for her and her family will truly be appreciated!

There are a few great ways to gift a meal. The first way would be to cook a meal and bring it over to her house. Easy recipes like lasagna, for example, are always a hit.

If you’d rather, you can gift a meal kit to be delivered to the mom’s house. Giving a meal kit can be the best option if you live out of town and want to provide some easy comfort food for the family.

And lastly, if you know the mom’s favorite restaurant or fast food place, you can give her a gift card to use at her convenience. 

4. A Helpful Book

Miscarriage is a surprisingly common experience that can be swept under the rug by some. When I had my first miscarriage, I remember feeling so blindsided, confused, and alone. 

Because miscarriage is so rarely discussed, I had a hard time going through the emotions. I just wanted to feel like someone could relate to what I was going through.

The Miscarriage Map is a fantastic resource for moms who have experienced this painful loss when their friends or family haven’t.

This book is written by a psychologist who explains how to get through this loss while addressing many pressing questions.

5. Memorial Baby Book

Gifting a memorial baby book is the perfect way for the grieving mom to remember the precious details of her pregnancy. 

A memorial book like this one has sections to record special details of the pregnancy and prompts for journaling. Documenting all of this information in a keepsake book is a great way to bring some more closure.

6. Memorial Lantern

This memorial lantern is one of my favorite miscarriage care package ideas for a few reasons. First, the lantern is a beautiful decor item that’s suitable for indoors or outdoors. 

Also, the lantern has a battery-operated candle with a timer. When turned on, the candle puts off a very calming light that’s peaceful to watch. 

And finally, the saying that’s written on the front of the lantern is so sweet; it’s the perfect way to honor a loss. 

7. A Calming Candle

Candles make an excellent addition to any miscarriage gift basket; they make the house smell nice and bring a calming vibe to the room. 

Selecting a candle like this one is great because it’s excellent quality and is enhanced with essential oils. Not to mention, it has an ample burn time of 70 hours!

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8. Body Lotion 

Body lotion makes a great addition to any gift basket. Gifting a nice-quality body lotion or butter can help give a relaxing feel and encourage the grieving mother to keep up with her self-care. 

9. Bath Bombs or Salts

Another great way to encourage some relaxing self-care time is to add bath bombs or bath salts to your miscarriage care package. 

This set of 12 bath bombs is the perfect assortment and will provide relaxation for many baths. If you’d rather add some bath salts, these ones are great and very highly rated!

10. Something Cozy 

Another terrific way to help comfort a grieving mom is to give her something cozy. Whether it’s warm socks, a sweater, memory foam slippers, or a blanket, snuggling up with something will help her relax.

11. A Journal

Journaling can be beneficial for a wide variety of events. When you write your thoughts or feelings in a journal, it can not only help you remember special details of certain events, but it can also help you heal from traumatic circumstances. 

Using a miscarriage journal like this one can be essential when navigating through loss. I love that this book has 48 different prompts to guide you in your writing. The prompts are perfect if you don’t know where or how to start writing!

12. Favorite Treats

Favorite snacks and treats are always crucial to add to a gift basket. They always bring a smile to the recipient’s face!

When shopping, think of the things that the mom you’re shopping for loves. These could be her favorite snacks, candy, or drinks! 

13. A Special Mug 

A pretty mug with a nice message can remind the grieving mom that she is loved and not alone. 

To make this gift even more significant, you can add some of her favorite tea bags, coffee, or even coffee shop gift cards inside the mug.

14. Flower Seeds

If the mom you are shopping for enjoys gardening, gifting seeds that she can plant and enjoy year after year can be such a memorable gift.  

Often, Forget-Me-Not seeds are a popular option. These seeds provide beautiful flowers that will reseed, ensuring they grow back the following year. Not to mention, bees and butterflies love Forget-Me-Nots, so these flowers will add even more beauty to a garden!

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15. Remembrance Angel

Sometimes, gifting a trinket that honors a loss can be a significant gesture. This Willow Tree Remembrance Angel is a beautiful piece that will be cherished for years.

Similar to the angel above, this Forget-Me-Not figurine is another beautiful option. As I mentioned above, many people plant Forget-Me-Nots to honor a loss, which is the important detail of this figure. 

16. Sympathy Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are always an excellent addition to any outdoor space; they provide a gentle twinkling with any breeze. 

Because wind chimes make such a soothing noise, they are a great gift for anyone experiencing a loss. What’s great about these wind chimes is the engraved message on the pendant that says, “Listen to the wind and think of me. In your heart, I will always be.”

17. Ultrasound Frame

Ultrasound frames can be such a sentimental gift. It allows the grieving parents to display their baby’s ultrasound and honor their loss. What I love most about this frame is the inscription that says, ‘Precious Little One”.

You will want to use your best judgment when gifting a picture frame, though. Not every mother who goes through a miscarriage will feel comfortable displaying their baby’s ultrasound pictures, as it can be painful.

18. Hobby Supplies 

If the mom you’re shopping for has any hobbies, it’s very thoughtful to add some hobby supplies to their miscarriage care package. 

Whether it’s supplies or a gift card to a specific store, the grieving mom can take her mind off everything by doing something she loves. 

19. Heating Pad

A heating pad is an excellent gift because it can help alleviate any cramping that the mom might experience.

I have this heating pad, and it’s not only great for cramping relief. I use the heating pad to warm up the bed during the winter and relieve sore muscles. Not to mention, it’s got thousands of great reviews on Amazon!

20. Offer Some Babysitting For Older Children

If the grieving mom has older children, offer to babysit them so she can have some time to herself. 

It’s helpful to go through the emotions of a miscarriage without having to hold them in. It can be hard to grieve the way you need to while still caring for other children.

Even an hour or two would be an excellent offer to a mom who’s healing. 

When to Send a Miscarriage Care Package 

If you’re questioning if there is a right time to send gifts for a miscarriage, know that the sooner you send them, the better. 

In my experience, the first few days are the worst mentally and physically. Receiving a care package soon after a miscarriage would undoubtedly lift the mom’s spirits a bit.

How to Deliver a Miscarriage Care Package

When it comes time to deliver your miscarriage care package, you might be wondering how you should go about actually giving the gifts. 

Once you have your care package assembled, it’s best to call the grieving mom and ask her what she would prefer. You can suggest leaving it outside of her door. On the other hand, if she wants someone to talk to, let her know if you’re available to stay.

Or, if you already know that she doesn’t want visitors, you can simply put the gift basket outside her door and text her to let her know there is a surprise waiting for her. 

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I hope you found these miscarriage care package ideas helpful! Know that any kind gesture you make towards a grieving mom will go far, no matter how big or small it is. 

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What were your favorite miscarriage care package ideas? If you’re a mom who has experienced a miscarriage, did you receive a gift that helped you heal? I would love to know in the comments below!

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