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The Best Natural Remedies For Morning Sickness That Actually Work

As a mama who struggled with morning sickness 24/7 throughout my whole pregnancy, I feel your pain! Getting nauseous and vomiting is amongst the worst pregnancy symptoms, so these natural remedies for morning sickness will surely bring you some relief!

Let’s get started!

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When does morning sickness start?

For most women, morning sickness usually starts somewhere between weeks 6-9 of your pregnancy.

How long does morning sickness last?

As stated in this article by What To Expect, most moms tend to have fewer symptoms between weeks 12-16 of their pregnancy. But remember, for some moms, like myself, morning sickness can last much longer.

What are the symptoms of morning sickness?

Some signs that you have morning sickness are nausea and vomiting caused by certain smells or foods, getting too hot, or there could not even be triggers!

Often, morning sickness is pretty intense in the morning (hence the name), but you can become nauseous or queasy at any time of the day or night.

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What are the best natural remedies for morning sickness relief?

The following morning sickness remedies are ones that I used, and they worked well for me! These suggestions are simple but effective.


Packaging for Sea-Bands morning sickness remedies

These Sea-Bands are another fantastic drug-free option for morning sickness relief. Sea-Bands are wristbands that you wear, and they have a plastic knob attached to the inside of the band.

When worn, the plastic knob puts pressure on an acupressure point inside your wrist that will help to relieve nausea. The package comes with two bands, and it is recommended that you wear a band on each wrist.

Preggie Pops

Packaging for Preggie Pops morning sickness remedies

If you haven’t heard of Preggie Pops, they are these little candies that are made with essential oils to help ease morning sickness symptoms naturally. They usually come in four flavors; lemon, raspberry, tangerine, and green apple.

One of the great things about Preggie Pops is that they are individually wrapped, so you can throw some in your bag when you are leaving the house.

Mints or Gum

If certain smells easily trigger you, having mints or gum on hand can be very helpful! I would always have a bag of wintergreen mints or Mentos with me, and I would eat one whenever I felt queasy at work.

Eat Slowly

Whether you’re eating a snack or a meal, you will want to eat slowly. If you eat too fast and accidentally overeat, it will make you feel even more miserable.

Eat Frequently

Another good idea is to eat small, frequent meals. By eating frequently, you will help prevent overeating. Also, if your stomach is empty, that can cause morning sickness symptoms.

Some great things to carry with you to eat throughout the day are snacks like crackers, granola bars, nuts, and fruits or veggies.

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Take Slow, Deep Breaths

During my pregnancy, my morning sickness would be the worst in the mornings. I found that rushing around made me feel even more terrible!

What was extremely helpful for me in these moments was to sit down and take slow, deep breaths until I started to feel better. 9/10 times, it worked like a charm!


packaging for ginger tea bags

You may already know that ginger calms an upset stomach regardless of the cause. Adding some ginger in any form that you enjoy will help to relieve nausea.

I’m not the biggest fan of ginger, but I do like Ginger Ale, and I found that it did help to settle my stomach. I would buy the mini cans, so I wasn’t drinking too much sugar.

Another thing you can try is drinking ginger tea. You can do this one of two ways. First, you can buy tea bags with ginger in them. Or, you can boil thinly sliced ginger in water for 5 minutes and drink it that way.

Take Prenatal Vitamin With Food

It’s best practice to take your prenatal vitamin with food. In general, taking most multi-vitamins with food will help your body to absorb the vitamin better.

It’s always a good idea to check the label on the bottle to see what’s recommended for that specific vitamin.
If you’re looking for a great prenatal vitamin, I used this one, and they never made me nauseous!

Adjust The Time You Take Your Prenatal

If you find that taking your prenatal vitamin in the morning with breakfast is not working for you, try switching the time of day that you take it.

Switch to lunch or dinner time and see if that helps! And if it doesn’t, I would suggest taking a different kind of vitamin. I know a lot of people swear by the gummy vitamins!

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is crucial regardless, but it’s imperative if you are frequently vomiting. If you find that drinking water is adding to the problem, only drink small amounts at a time.

Another thing that can help calm your stomach is to add some lemon to your water. Lemons are a typical digestion aide, and sometimes even smelling lemon can reduce nausea.

Take It Easy

As I mentioned above, I often found that hurrying made me a lot more nauseous. When I would be getting ready for work in the morning and scrambling to be on time, that’s when I would struggle to keep breakfast down.

Once you have predictable times that you know will make you nauseous, slow down! For my example above, once I realized hurrying made things worse, I planned on waking up a little earlier to make sure I could slow my pace and take it easy.

I really hope these suggestions bring you the relief you need! If you get to the point where nothing helps your symptoms, talk to your doctor! They will be able to give you more options to try, as different medications, for instance.

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What was your experience with morning sickness? Do you have any natural morning sickness remedies that I didn’t list? I would love to know in the comments below!

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  1. I’ve been fortunate enough to not have any morning sickness with my three pregnancies, but I’m definitely saving this in case I’m not so lucky next time!

  2. These are some great suggestions. Morning sickness can be so rough. I ended up drinking slightly flat caffeine-free Coke at my doctor’s suggestion and it was helpful, too.

    1. That’s so interesting! I’ll have to remember that in case we have another child; thanks for sharing!

  3. thanks a lot for sharing. I struggled with morning sickness with my first baby. Helpful post, i will share it with my female friends and family.

  4. The preggie pops worked really well for me and so did ginger chews! I was really nauseous with my first, but agree that eating small meals frequently do make a difference. I hadn’t thought about how moving fast might have contributed to it. Good point!

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