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How To Build The Best DIY New Mom Care Package

If there’s a new mom in your life, let her know you are thinking of her with a new mom care package!

Many new moms can feel overwhelmed and drained when they have a new baby at home. Also, when most visitors’ attention is on the new little one, mom’s needs can get pushed aside.

That’s why a new mom care package is such a special gift. These thoughtful and helpful gifts remind the new mom that she is appreciated and cared for.

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How To Make A New Mom Care Package

When you start to make a new mom care package, you will want to put some thought into the gifts you include. All gifts should fall into one of these four categories:


If the gift is helpful and will make the new mom’s life easier, that’s perfect! Getting out of the house to grab some necessities at the store can be challenging with a newborn, so she will love any gift that saves her a trip out.


If the gift makes the new mom feel special, that’s wonderful, too. When you add items that she loves or will make her laugh, she will know that you put some thought into the gift.


Self-care is essential to a new mom. The new mom is likely exhausted with a newborn in the house, which leaves her little motivation to take care of herself. Any gift that makes self-care easier to accomplish will be a huge hit!

It’s For Her!

Yes, bringing a gift for the new baby is sweet. But, mom should be the ultimate focus when making a care package. New moms are often overlooked after having a baby, and a new mom care package will surely brighten her day!

Deliver In A Useful Basket

Another fantastic thing to think about when making a new mom care package is the container that you put the gifts in. Sure, a cute gift bag will be nice, but putting the gifts in a basket or tub that has multiple purposes is even better!

When you use a basket like this one, the new mom can repurpose it after she uses her gifts. She can use it to store some of the many baby items in the house or for any nursery organization purpose that she has!

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What To Put In A DIY New Mom Care Package

The great thing about assembling your own new mom care package is that you get to handpick every item and make sure they are all things the new mom will love!

I have grouped these gift ideas by similar themes, but you can surely combine any of these items for a fantastic care package!

The ‘Comforting’ New Mom Care Package

Favorite Snacks Or Candy

Including the new mom’s favorite snacks and candy will go over well. Especially when breastfeeding, new moms get hungry pretty quickly. It’s nice to have go-to, easy snacks available to eat whenever she has a minute!

Cozy Pajamas

I remember during the first few weeks with my newborn, I practically lived in pajamas. Having a new, comfy pair of pajamas like these are a great gift to keep the new mom comfortable!

If the new mom in your life is breastfeeding, remember to get some nursing-friendly PJs. These ones are ideal and will ensure easy access for breastfeeding.

Warm Sweatshirt

While on the topic of cozy clothing options, a sweatshirt like this one is excellent! It’s cute and will surely keep her warm.


Slippers are a gift that is not only cozy but also practical. Many new moms do a lot of walking with their new babies, especially when trying to calm the baby down.

Having supportive slippers like these ones will help alleviate any pressure on her feet and prevent slipping while wearing socks on hard floors.


Candles can make great gifts because they make the house smell nice and bring a relaxing vibe to the room. These candles are fantastic because they last long and are natural!

A Homemade Meal

A homemade meal can be one of the most special gifts to bring to a new mom if you enjoy cooking.

Making a homemade meal shows the new mom that you took the time to think of her. It also takes some responsibility off, as dinner is made, and nobody has to cook or clean up afterward!

Hobby Gifts

If the new mom has any hobbies, including something related to the hobby can be a memorable gesture.

As the new mom starts to get some energy back, having a fresh reminder to get back to her hobbies is crucial. A hobby-related gift will prompt her to continue doing what she loves, even if it’s only during nap time. Plus, continuing a hobby helps her focus on her much-needed self-care!

The ‘Postpartum’ New Mom Care Package

Quality Water Bottle

Keeping up on water intake is essential for new moms, especially when breastfeeding. When gifting a water bottle, choosing a substantial-sized bottle will ensure fewer refills. Fewer refills are even better during long nursing sessions!

I love this water bottle because it’s a pretty substantial size. If you are looking for an insulated water bottle, these ones are great, too.

Nipple Cream

If the new mom you are shopping for is breastfeeding, nipple cream will always come in handy. I had no idea how crucial nipple cream was as a first-time mom, but it is definitely a breastfeeding essential!

I always used this nipple cream, and it works well!

Tucks Pads

Tucks pads are another postpartum must-have that can get overlooked, but they bring a lot of healing relief!

Nursing-Friendly Shirts

Nursing-friendly shirts are such a great gift for a first-time breastfeeding mom. When my son was born, I underestimated how helpful breastfeeding-friendly clothes were, but I quickly realized I needed more than one or two shirts.

I love these shirts because they are comfortable, and it makes nursing sessions much easier, as you don’t have to keep adjusting the shirt.

Sleep Mask

Those first weeks after bringing the baby home are filled with sleepless nights. To help make catching up on sleep a little easier during the day, throw a sleep mask in your new mom care package!

When choosing a sleep mask, you can get a regular sleep mask, or you can opt for a weighted sleep mask. The benefit of a weighted sleep mask is similar to a weighted blanket; it adds some gentle pressure, which can signal to your brain that it’s time to relax.

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The ‘Pampering’ New Mom Care Package

Face Masks

The postpartum hormone changes can be rough, especially on emotions and skin. Face masks can be the perfect gift to boost some at-home pampering!

These face masks are lovely for quick at-home treatment while still feeling luxurious.

Body Butter

Body butter is another excellent way to encourage some pampering at home! Choosing a body butter with a light scent is also great because it can help new moms feel a little better after getting spit up on all day.

This body butter is an excellent option, especially since it’s made with natural ingredients!

Oil Diffuser

Essential oil diffusers are such calming gifts to add to your new mom care package. They not only make the house smell great, which is terrific after changing diaper after diaper, but they bring a relaxing peace to the room.

This diffuser works exceptionally, and it’s also so peaceful to look at.

Bath Bombs

When adding some pampering gifts to your new mom care package, bath bombs are great! Bath bombs are a fantastic way for new moms to unwind and relax.

Epsom Salts

If the new mom you are shopping for enjoys baths, Epsom salts are another great addition to your gift basket. Epsom salts can help relax muscles, especially after holding their little one throughout the day.

These Epsom salts are of excellent quality!

Lip Balm

Lip balm is a small gift, but it makes a great filler for your care package. Particularly in the winter months, you can never have too much lip balm!

Gift Cards To Their Favorite Places

Adding gift cards to your new mom care package is another wonderful way to show you put thought into your gift.

Some great suggestions for gifts cards are for places like her favorite salon, restaurant, or store. That way, she can look forward to getting some of her favorite things!

Cute Mug

Mugs are great gifts for new moms; there are so many cute designs! Plus, it’s likely that as a new mom, she will be reheating her coffee or tea throughout the day, and a cute mug will make her smile every time!

Audible Subscription

Whether it’s rocking the baby to sleep or while feeding the baby, it can be great to be able to listen to something. That’s why an Audible subscription is fantastic for new moms!

When you have a new baby, you might not get a ton of time to do the hobbies that you love. That’s why being able to listen to books is so excellent. You can still experience exciting stories without having to have a book in your hands physically.

Gift an Audible subscription here!

Wireless Earbuds

Wireless earbuds are another must-have for new moms. Having no wires hanging down ensures that their baby can’t quickly grab at them and pull them out.

Not to mention, having wireless headphones are crucial for those middle-of-the-night feedings. Listening to something will help mom stay awake while it won’t disturb the baby one bit.

Amazon Prime Subscription

Lastly, an Amazon Prime subscription can be a life-saver for a new mom. With Prime, she can set up things like repeat delivery on diapers and never have to worry about running out.

Gift an Amazon Prime subscription here!

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As you can see, making a new mom care package is a piece of cake, especially when it’s for someone you care about.

Plus, don’t forget the gift of your company! Help the new mom out with some chores; even something as simple as loading the dishwasher can be a huge help! Not to mention, first-time motherhood can get lonely, and it’s always great to have someone there to support you.

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What is something that you wish was in your new mom care package? I would love to know in the comments below!

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  1. There are many great ideas in this post. It’s so lovely when you get given a present as a new mum and not just the baby and I think this should become the norm. I think the water bottle is such a great one as it was so important for me when I had first become a mum

    1. Thanks, Natasha! Water bottles are definitely essential, especially when staying hydrated helps you feel better in general!

  2. How To Build The Best DIY New Mom Care” is an exceptional guide that sheds light on the art of crafting a thoughtful and comprehensive care package for new mothers. This insightful resource goes beyond the ordinary, offering a holistic approach that considers both the practical and emotional needs of new moms during their transformative journey into motherhood

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