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54 Non-Candy Easter Egg Filler Ideas Kids Will Love!

Putting together an egg hunt can be one of the most entertaining parts of celebrating Easter. Kids always get so excited about finding eggs, no matter their age. But, if you choose to use plastic eggs instead of dyed eggs, you might feel hesitant about loading them full of candy. That’s where these fantastic Easter egg filler ideas come in!

While it’s still fun to use a bit of Easter candy to fill some of the plastic eggs, finding non-candy Easter egg fillers can make the egg hunt extra compelling. Your kids will be more intrigued about what’s inside of each egg!

In this list of non-candy Easter egg filler ideas, you’ll find great suggestions separated by category. While many of these filler ideas are perfect for kids of any age, you’ll also find a designated variety just for toddlers. As always, use your judgment on what would be perfect for your child.

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Crafty Easter Egg Filler Ideas

1. Stickers

2. Mini Sticky Notes

3. Erasers

4. Crayons

5. Washi Tape

6. Chalk

7. Mini Stamps

8. Pompoms

9. Glitter Glue

10. Googly Eyes

Activity Easter Egg Filler Ideas

11. Clues To Find Their Easter Basket – If your child is older, make a scavenger hunt for their Easter Basket! What’s great is that you can make this however easy or hard you’d like. First, you’ll want to write all of your clues on individual slips of paper, number each one, and put one in each egg. Once your child finds all of the eggs, they can put the clues in order and find their Easter basket!

12. Dollar Coins (Or Play Coins)

13. Mini Playdoh

14. Homemade Coupons – Similar to the clue eggs above, you’ll take slips of paper and make homemade coupons for your kiddo. These coupons can be for things like an ice cream date, movie night, fun date with mom/dad, or even to skip a chore. Anything your child would enjoy!

15. Balloons

16. Magic Grow Sponges

17. Glow-In-The-Dark Stars

18. Puzzle Pieces – For this fun idea, you’ll take a small puzzle and spread the pieces amongst however many eggs you need. Once your child finds all of the eggs, they can put the puzzle together!

Toy Easter Egg Filler Ideas

19. Pop-Up Balls

20. Marbles

21. Matchbox Cars

22. Whistles

23. Bouncy Balls

24. Animal Figurines

25. Wind Up Chicks – (You’ll need medium-sized eggs for these)

26. Mini Fidget Cubes

27. Lego Figures

28. Punch Balloons

29. Squishies

30. Mini Slinkies 

31. Sticky Hands

32. Parachute Men

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Wearable Easter Egg Filler Ideas

33. Hair Ties or Bows

34. Chapstick

35. Jewelry

36. Mini Nail Polish

37. Temporary Tattoos

38. Character Bandaids – Many kids love to put bandaids on themselves; why not give them some of their own to play with?

Food Easter Egg Filler Ideas 

If you want to avoid candy altogether, it can be fun to hide some of your child’s favorite snacks in the eggs instead. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

39. Goldfish

40. Animal Crackers

41. Mini Pretzels

42. Yogurt Covered Raisins

43. Fruit Snacks

44. Pirate Booty

45. Chex Mix

46. Veggie Straws

PRO MAMA TIP: Line one half of the easter egg with some cling wrap, and then fill the egg with the food treats. After filling half of the egg, twist the cling wrap closed, and then seal the egg. The cling wrap will ensure that the food stays clean and won’t spill onto the ground when your child opens the egg.

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Easter Egg Filler Ideas For Toddlers

While many of the non-candy Easter egg filler ideas above might work for your toddler, these suggestions are sure to be a hit with your little one:

47. Finger Puppets

48. Puff Snacks

49. Yogurt Melts

50. Cheerios

51. Socks

52. Little People Toys– (You’ll need medium-sized eggs for these)

53. Mini Plush Squishmallows

54. Magnetic Letters

Finding The Perfect-Sized Easter Eggs

Not all plastic Easter eggs are created equal. Many eggs are of different sizes and quality, so you’ll want to make sure you get the right ones. Here are our favorites:


When you think of fillable Easter eggs, you probably imagine these ones. These eggs are standard-sized eggs, measuring 2.5” tall. Also, this pack includes 72 eggs, which is a generous amount. 


If you want Easter eggs that have a bit of extra room to fill with goodies, these eggs are perfect. These eggs measure 3.5” tall, giving you a whole inch more than the small-sized eggs. Plus, the larger size of these eggs is great for fitting all of the Easter egg filler ideas shown above, without a doubt. 


Lastly, we have these jumbo Easter eggs. Measuring at 5.9” tall, these eggs are perfect if you find some fillers that are too big for regular-sized eggs. Also, these jumbo eggs are lovely if you want to have some special, more gift-like surprises. 

If you have multiple kids, it can be fun to use these jumbo Easter eggs instead of an Easter basket. You can choose a specific color for each child, fill the eggs with their Easter surprises, and then they will have to hunt for their particular eggs. 

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And there you have it! I hope this list of non-candy Easter egg filler ideas gave you plenty of options that your child will love to find. 

What are your favorite Easter egg filler ideas? I would love to know in the comments below!

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