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30 Adorable Nursery Themes That You Need To See!

When you’re pregnant, picking out all of the cute baby things to fill your nursery with is one of the most fun things to look forward to! Alongside picking out baby necessities, it’s also exciting to pick out a nursery theme!

Whether you’re having a boy, a girl, or you are waiting for a surprise on delivery day, this ultimate list of baby nursery themes will have everything you need to know!

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Baby Boy Nursery Themes

If you are looking for ideas for a boy nursery, you have many options to choose from! Many people think that items for baby boys aren’t as cute as girl items, but that’s not the case. Here are the top 10 boy nursery themes:


Cars and Trucks crib bedding set

Cars and trucks are such a popular option for little boy nurseries. This bedding set from Sweet Jojo Designs is so cute, and it comes with so many quality items!

Not only does it have everything for the crib, but it also comes with wall hangings, a toy bag, a pillow, valences, and a diaper stacker! This set gets you off to an excellent start for decorating.


Camping theme crib bedding set

If you are looking for a more outdoorsy and rustic vibe, this bedding set is perfect!

With 5-pieces included in this set, it’s simple to build upon when adding more decor. Places like Hobby Lobby typically have decor with buffalo plaid, and woodland creatures are always easy finds!


Airplane Nursery themes crib bedding sit

With a tagline like “the sky’s the limit,” how could you not love this airplane nursery theme?

In addition to the quilt, this bedding set comes with a dust ruffle, a fitted sheet, and an adorable plush airplane! With the color scheme primarily blue, red, and gray, finding more decor options will be pretty versatile!


Ocean themed baby crib bedding set

Next up on the list is this cute ocean-themed nursery. The decor options for an ocean nursery are never-ending, which makes decorating a breeze.

I also love that this bedding set comes with wall decals. If you can’t paint the walls where you live, wall decals give the room a little more personality!

Jungle Safari

Jungle nursery bedding

A jungle-themed nursery is a wonderful option because many kids love looking at animals, and jungle animals look wildly different from everyday animals. 😉

I especially love this set; the colors are bright, and the animals are so fun. Plus, that elephant plushie looks so cuddly!


Dinosaur crib bedding set

Dinosaurs have been such a popular nursery theme, which is excellent because many kids love dinos even past the toddler stage!

This dino set has soft blues, grays, and greens instead of some of the much brighter options out there. Having this more delicate color palate will make finding other decor options a little easier.


Woodland animals crib set nursery themes

Woodland creatures are another timeless nursery theme. They are never going out of style!

Like the ocean nursery, this woodland bedding set comes with wall decals. Not to mention, the muted colors aren’t overwhelming as some of the brighter sets can be.


Space nursery theme bedding

If you have any space enthusiasts in the family, this spaceship-themed nursery might be the perfect fit.

I love how you can add many cute decor items to this bedding set. Then, finish the room off with a star projector, and you’re all set!


Sports nursery theme with animals

A sports-themed nursery can be typical, but why not stand out by adding adorable animals into the mix?

While you can still have a sports-themed nursery minus the animals, including the animals in the decor makes the room feel a little more toddler-friendly.

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse Nursery Themes

Choosing a Mickey Mouse nursery is a safe bet because most kiddos love him!

If you think a Mickey Mouse nursery is right for your little one, you can choose the more modern style or the traditional Mickey; both are great!

What I love about this Mickey bedding set is that it uses blues instead of red. It’s a fun spin on the typical design!

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Baby Girl Nursery Themes

If you are looking for girl nursery themes, you are in the right spot! Also, you can modify many of the boy nursery themes for girls! That means more options for you to choose from!

Here are the top 10 girl nursery themes:


Tropical Flamingo nursery themes

Tropical-themed anything is increasingly popular, especially if it includes flamingos!

This six-piece flamingo bedding set is so sweet and delicate, not to mention it’s also a great price! If you don’t want to overdo it with pink, you can use the grays and greens to balance it out.


Swan Princess Nursery Bedding

Speaking of sweet and delicate, this swan princess bedding is so lovely! The gold accents bring a luxurious feel to this nursery, making it perfect for babies to love even more as toddlers!


Blue and pink flowery nursery bedding

Flowers are always beautiful in home decor, and this floral watercolor bedding set is no exception.

What I love most about these watercolor flowers is that they are such great shades of blue, which helps balance out the pink. It gives you a choice to make pink the primary color or blue.


Butterfly crib bedding set

Butterflies are so beautiful, and because they symbolize things like change and hope, they are perfect for a nursery.

This butterfly bedding set is bright and whimsical with its pink and purple color scheme. And I’m sure any baby would be mesmerized by the adorable mobile!

Jungle Safari

Pink and gray jungle nursery bedding set

Jungle-themed nurseries are pretty popular. Many jungle nurseries feature elephants and giraffes, but this set stands out by making the main character the koala!

What I love most about this bedding set is the quilt! It has so many textures, making it a great blanket to lay down for tummy time!


Woodland nursery theme bedding for girls

Woodland creatures are another well-known nursery theme, but this bedding set does a great job of being different.

The unique designs throughout the quilt and sheets bring so much interest to the room. As a bonus, this set includes a generously sized wall decal.


Mermaid nursery theme bedding set

A mermaid-themed nursery is such a fun spin on a traditional ‘under the sea’ theme.

The noteworthy aspect of this mermaid bedding set is the quilt. The unique circle shape and the interesting textures make it another perfect quilt for tummy time!


Unicorn crib bedding set

With unicorns becoming another popular magical creature, they make a perfect nursery theme!

One thing that stands out about this unicorn bedding set is the crib sheet. With a saying at the top that says, ‘follow your dreams,’ it’s a great spot to take milestone pictures of your little one each month.


Princess fairytale nursery crib bedding

Many children love princesses, and with good reason. Princesses are typically a great role model to look up to!

Featuring Cinderella’s carriage and little tiaras, this princess nursery theme is terrific for little future Disney lovers.

Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse Nursery Bedding Set

As I mentioned above, many people love Mickey and Minnie Mouse! You can’t go wrong choosing this Minnie Mouse nursery!

With the fun polka dots and bows, this Minnie nursery set will surely give your little one a lot to look at. Add in this sweet mobile with the mini plushies to complete the room!

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Gender Neutral Baby Nursery Themes

If you aren’t too sure what to choose for your nursery, a gender-neutral theme might be perfect for you!

There are many reasons to choose a gender-neutral nursery theme. Some of those reasons could be:

  • You don’t like the traditional boy/girl nursery themes.
  • You are waiting till delivery to find out if you are having a boy or a girl.
  • You want a simple nursery so your child can choose what they like when they are a little older.

Here are the top 10 gender-neutral nursery themes:


Farm nursery bedding set

A farm-themed nursery is a wonderful idea because many children learn about farm animals before any other animals. (Besides house pets, of course!)

This beautiful farm nursery features neutral colors, making it pretty easy to add in other colors later if you want to. Plus, you won’t want to pass up this sweet little barn of plushies!


Boho gender neutral crib bedding

If you look for a clean, chic, and simple nursery, the trendy bohemian style might be for you.

The wonderful thing about this boho nursery is that you have complete control of any accent colors you would like to choose because it’s all white. Also, the quilt has great textures on it, making it another perfect fit for tummy time.

Winnie The Pooh

Winnie the Pooh Nursery bedding

Winnie the Pooh is so timeless, and you can’t go wrong with choosing these fun characters.

There are so many options for Winnie the Pooh nursery decor, but when it comes to a gender-neutral newborn nursery, I love this classic-looking style.


Gender-neutral owl crib bedding set

Representing wisdom and knowledge, owls are a terrific nursery theme that exudes a calm vibe.

Because this owl nursery set is white and gray, you have the freedom to add in any color you enjoy. Not to mention, this is another quilt that is great for tummy time, with the fluffy owl and soft moon.

Dr. Seuss

Oh! The Places You'll Go Dr. Seuss nursery set

When you have a new baby, you might find yourself thinking about what they will be like. That’s what makes this Dr. Suess bedding set so perfect.

The muted colors make a great gender-neutral option, and it’s a theme that even toddlers will love.

Outer Space

Stars and Planets crib bedding set

If you have a space-lover in the family, a space nursery might be perfect!

This outer space nursery set features cute planets and stars, not to mention the adorable star plushie.

Hot Air Balloons

Hot Air Balloons crib bedding set

A hot air balloon nursery theme has so much potential for cute decor ideas.

With a saying like, ‘dream higher than the sky,’ a hot air balloon nursery can be so inspiring once your baby is a toddler.

Stars and Moon

Moon and stars nursery bedding set

A moon and stars nursery is so calming, especially when you add a sleepy bear into the mix.

The shades of blue in this nursery set are perfect if you are looking for a gender-neutral option. Plus, this set comes with a matching bear plushie that your little one will love to snuggle with.

Counting Sheep

Sheep baby nursery theme crib bedding set

The idea of ‘counting sheep’ as a nursery theme is so adorable, and this nursery set does a beautiful job of making the room feel cozy.

Like some others on this list, this set includes some wall decals, which are great for decorating without putting holes in the walls.


ABCs nursery crib bedding

Having a gender-neutral ABC-themed nursery leaves the door pretty open for decorating however you want!

Because this nursery set is primarily gray, you can choose any pop of color that you want. Another fun idea you could do is get the letters of the alphabet, paint them with the colors you select, and hang them around the room!

As your child gets older, they will have fun learning what is on their walls!

Does a nursery need a theme?

The short answer is, nope!

There could be many reasons why you don’t want a nursery theme. For example, if you want a much more straightforward approach, you might want to opt for a color scheme instead of a theme.

In this case, you would choose whichever color you love and build your baby’s room around that color. You can find cute decor, an area rug, and maybe even a custom quilt or blanket to bring the whole room together.

Another reason why you might not want a nursery theme is if you enjoy switching things up often! If you find you always want to freshen up spaces in your home, it might be best to stick with a color scheme.

And lastly, if you are short on space, it might be good to think about using a color scheme instead of a theme. When creating a nursery space in your bedroom, it’s easier to focus on a color to decorate with rather than characters or animals.

How do I choose a nursery theme?

Whether you have decided to use a theme or a color scheme, you’ll have to decide on what you like most! Choosing can become slightly tricky if you have an opinionated partner.

When thinking about how you want to decorate your baby’s nursery, you will want to keep the future in mind.

The days with your newborn can fly by, and soon you will have a toddler that is getting their own personality. You will want to try to pick a theme that isn’t too babyish while still being cute.

And as I mentioned above, if you struggle to agree with your partner, try to find creative ways to include both of your ideas! And when all else fails, fall back on the trusty coin flip. 😉

When should I start decorating my baby’s nursery?

Around 20 weeks, you will have an important ultrasound appointment. This ultrasound is when you can find out if you are having a boy or a girl, unless, of course, you choose to wait. Either way, this is the perfect time to start decorating your baby’s nursery!

You will start by choosing your theme/color scheme. Once you have that decided on, it’s a great idea to start painting as soon as possible. That way, any odors will mostly be gone by the time your baby arrives. Plus, you won’t have to move baby furniture to paint later on.

When it comes to painting, buy paint with no VOCs and have your partner, friend, or family member take care of it for you!

After the painting is complete, the next step should be to get your baby’s furniture ordered. You will want to make sure you have everything built and ready to go with enough time before delivery.

And the last step is to add all the cute decor and necessary baby items. You will want to have your baby’s nursery completed by your 36th week of pregnancy. This ensures that your baby’s space is ready for them, should they arrive early.

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And there you have it! Take your time and enjoy the process of designing your baby’s room. This is such a special time in your pregnancy, and hopefully, you will create lasting memories with your partner during this process.

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What nursery theme did you choose? I would love to know in the comments below!

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