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The Complete Packing List for Baby + Free Printable

Traveling with a baby can be an exciting yet daunting experience. While you want to ensure your baby is comfortable and content throughout your vacation, you don’t want to overpack and lug around everything you own. Packing the right essentials is one of the most crucial aspects of traveling with a baby. That’s why having a complete packing list for baby is important!

Recently, we brought our second baby on her first road trip. It’s incredible how quickly a large suitcase can fill up! I didn’t want to be out of town and realize we had forgotten something critical. But I also wanted to avoid overpacking for a quick weekend trip.

When packing for your baby, it’s essential to think about their routine and what things they’ll need to have for a regular day while you’re out of town. 

Another thing to think about when making your packing list for baby is how long of a trip you’re taking. Depending on the duration of the trip, you may need to pack extra supplies to ensure you have enough for the entire journey. 

And the last crucial thing to consider when packing for your baby is the mode of transportation. If you’re traveling by car, you have more wiggle room to bring slightly more than if you’re flying, as you’ll have more space. However, if you’re flying, you must be mindful of the airline’s baggage restrictions and pack accordingly. 

Let’s get started!

NOTE: Don’t forget to grab the free packing checklist printable at the end of this post! 🙂

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Baby Packing List: Clothing

Daytime Outfits: When it comes to babies, you never know when you will need a change of outfit due to spit-up or blowouts. When packing for your baby, it’s best to pack two outfits for each day you’ll be gone. Having an extra outfit each day will ensure you have plenty of backups if needed. 

One thing to consider is if you can do laundry while on vacation. If so, you can get away with packing a little less and washing your baby’s clothes after a few days.

Pajamas: When packing pajamas for your baby, you’ll want to bring one pair for every night you’ll be away, plus two or three extras, just in case. Again, if you can do laundry, you can skip the extras and wash what you bring if need be.

Socks and Shoes: Add one pair of socks for each day of your vacation to your packing list for baby. And if your baby has started walking, don’t forget to bring them a pair of shoes or sandals!

Weather Appropriate Hat: Ensure you have an appropriate hat for your little one depending on the season and where you’ll travel. For example, if it’s winter, pack a warm hat. Or if you’re taking a beach vacation, bring a UV-protecting sun hat.

Weather Appropriate Jacket/Coat: Similar to bringing an appropriate hat, you’ll want to pack a suitable jacket, whether a light hoodie or sweater for warmer climates or a thicker one for the cold.

Swimsuit: If you are traveling to the beach, waterpark, or staying near a pool, don’t forget a swimsuit for your little one!

Baby Packing List: Sleep

Swaddles/Sleep Sacks: You want to keep your child’s sleep patterns as close to normal as you can. Ensure you pack your baby’s swaddles or sleep sacks, and throw in an extra just in case you need it.

Sound Machine: Both of my children love this sound machine, and it’s been so helpful for creating good sleep habits. It’s definitely one of the items I would hate to forget when packing for a vacation!

Baby Monitor: If your baby will be sleeping in a separate room from you, be sure to pack your baby monitor.

Travel Blackout Blinds: Blackout blinds are a must when it comes to your baby’s bedtime. Grab some of these travel blackout blinds to keep your baby’s bedtime routine as close to regular as possible!

These blinds have suction cups to secure to the window, making setup a breeze. Plus, they are affordable; you can choose from a pack of one or two. And they come in many colors and patterns to choose from!

Baby Packing List: Gear

Car Seat: Obviously, you’ll need a car seat when taking a road trip. But you also can’t forget to bring it when flying so your baby has a safe seat when you reach your destination.

Travel Crib: While packing a travel crib takes up a little more room on your travels, I prefer to bring ours when possible. My thoughts behind bringing our Pack’ N Play when we travel is to give our baby a sleep environment that she knows.

If you want to avoid packing a travel crib, many hotels provide them, which is handy if you are flying. Just ensure you call to confirm before you leave for your trip!

Also, If you choose to bring a travel crib, remember to grab an extra sheet in case you need it.

Stroller: While a stroller isn’t necessarily a must-have item for some vacations, it can come in handy. You’ll want to decide whether to bring your regular stroller or a lightweight umbrella stroller.

Diaper Bag: If you’re not already using your diaper bag as a purse, it’s a good idea to think about doing so for your travels. Not only will you have everything your baby needs with you. But you’ll have things you need all in one place.

Ensure you have all of your diaper bag essentials packed beforehand, and then add your must-haves from your purse.

Baby Carrier: Bringing a baby carrier on your trip is a fantastic idea, especially if you can forgo bringing a stroller. Using a baby carrier instead of a stroller will save you a lot of space when packing. 

Before you skip the stroller in favor of a baby carrier, you’ll want to think about how much walking you’ll be doing on your vacation. This will help you know if you’ll realistically be able to carry your baby when need be.

Baby Packing List: Play

3-5 Favorite Toys: The great thing about baby toys is that they can be an excellent distraction for your baby while waiting on a flight or in a car. Plus, when you get to your destination, there will likely be times when your baby will want to play!

Choose a few of your baby’s favorite toys to bring along. Look for toys that aren’t too big but hold your baby’s attention. For example, a rattle, crinkle books, and car seat toys are all wonderful options.

Indestructible Books: Books are another helpful item that can keep your baby entertained. Bringing indestructible books like these ones is beneficial because your baby can chew and drool on them, and they won’t fall apart like regular board books.

Blanket to Play On: You never know when you’ll need to just lay your baby down on the floor. So, packing a blanket for them to play on will give them a clean space.

Security Item: If your baby has a security item like a lovey or a blanket they are attached to, remember to bring it!

Baby Packing List: Nursing/Bottle Feeding

Nursing Cover: If you’re breastfeeding and feel more comfortable nursing in public with a cover, you’ll want to ensure you pack it in an easily accessible place.

Burp Cloths: If your baby still spits up after feedings, pack two burp cloths for every day you’ll be gone.

Breastfeeding Essentials: Again, if you’re a breastfeeding mom, you’ll need all your breastfeeding essentials, like nipple cream and breast pads.

Nursing Pillow: Nursing pillows can be great for support while breastfeeding, but they can also be bulky to pack around. Decide if it’s something you need, and pack accordingly.

Pumping Supplies (if needed): If you think you’ll be pumping while you’re away, you’ll want to bring your breast pump and supplies, including extra parts like tubing and membranes.

Bottles/Formula: If you’re formula feeding, figure out how much your baby will need for the entirety of your trip. Alternatively, you can pack some formula and buy extra when you reach your destination to save room in your suitcase.

Bottle Brush/Dish Soap: If you bottle feed, you’ll want to pack a bottle brush and dish soap if you’re unsure if there’ll be proper soap where you’re staying.

Baby Packing List: Feeding Solids

Bibs: When traveling, it’s easiest to bring bibs like these ones, as they are so simple to keep clean when outside the home!

Spoons: If your baby is eating more purees as opposed to baby-led weaning, don’t forget to pack a few spoons.

Sippy Cups: If your baby is old enough to drink milk or water out of sippy cups, bring a couple on your trip to ensure they have cups they are comfortable using.

Snacks and Baby Food: Packing food for your trip will depend on if you can buy what you need when you get to your destination. At the very least, you’ll want to bring enough food for the days when you’ll be traveling.

Optional – Portable High Chair: Lastly, when making your packing list for baby, you’ll want to decide whether or not you’ll need a portable high chair for feeding your little one. 

If you are mainly eating at restaurants, you’ll likely be fine to skip bringing a high chair as most places will have them. But if you are staying with friends and family or renting a condo or vacation home, you might find bringing a portable high chair like this one easier.

Baby Packing List: Bathing and Health

Diapers and Wipes: Bringing diapers and wipes is a no-brainer when making your packing list for baby. But how much you’ll bring is another question. You’ll undoubtedly need to bring enough for your traveling days. But it can save you room in your suitcase to buy a small pack or two when you arrive.

Plastic Bags: Plastic bags can come in handy for numerous situations. I like keeping these bags with me whenever we leave the house. They are great for putting dirty diapers or baby clothes in until we get back home to wash them.

Swim Diapers (if necessary): If you’ll be at the pool or beach, don’t forget to bring swim diapers!

Diaper Changing Pads: I love having these changing pads handy for changing diapers in hotel rooms because they give added protection with the waterproof layer. Plus, it gives your baby a clean mat to lay on.

Toiletries: Think of all the toiletries your baby uses regularly and add them to your packing list. For example, include things like soap/shampoo, lotion, diaper cream, and baby toothbrush.

Nail Clippers: Is it just me, or do baby nails grow incredibly fast? Pack baby nail clippers like these in case your little one needs a quick trim or gets a hangnail.

Hairbrush/Comb: You’ll want to pack your baby’s comb and hairbrush. Also, you’ll want to include any hair bows, clips, hair ties, and gel if your baby uses them,

Pacifiers/Teethers: If your baby uses a pacifier, ensure that you pack two in case one is lost. Also, you will want to remember to pack teethers if your baby is teething. Traveling with a baby can be uncomfortable as it is. You don’t want your baby to be uncomfortable due to teething pain!

First Aid Kit: Having a first aid kit is beneficial because you never know when you might need it. This one is a great option, especially if you are taking a road trip and can simply slide it under a car seat.

Saline Drops: If your baby gets easily congested or you’re traveling to a drier climate, saline drops can be handy to have on hand.

Thermometer: Packing a thermometer can be a great item to give you peace of mind when traveling with a baby. 

Hand Sanitizer: Putting hand sanitizer in a bag that’s easily accessible is recommended. Hand sanitizer can be very useful when you need to quickly clean your hands when there isn’t a bathroom nearby.

Free Printable Packing Checklist

Click here to download!

Packing List for Baby Pin Image

And there you have it, the ultimate packing list for baby. Overall, packing for your baby is all about being prepared and anticipating their needs while you’re away. 

By bringing the right essentials, you’ll be able to enjoy your trip with peace of mind, knowing that your baby is comfortable and their needs are met. So, take the time to plan and pack accordingly, and you’ll be ready for a stress-free journey with your little one!

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