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The Best Places to Have a Baby Shower

When hosting a baby shower, you always want to ensure that the mom-to-be will love it. You put so much thought into finding the perfect baby shower theme, so you don’t want to overlook the venue choice. That’s why knowing the best places to have a baby shower is crucial. 

Knowing the best places to host a baby shower will allow you to choose the right option for the expecting mom, making her shower even more memorable. 

In this article, you’ll find the top 20 places to have a baby shower. With free, cheap, and assorted rental options, you’re sure to find a venue that will wow.

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Free or Cheap Places to Have a Baby Shower

1. Your Home

Your home is one of the most straightforward places to have a baby shower. When you host the shower in your home, you don’t have to worry about rental costs, availability, or restrictions on decor or noise levels. 

If your home is large enough to accommodate the guests and you feel comfortable having people in your home, it is a great idea to use your home as the venue. You can take your time decorating for the baby shower, it’s likely a familiar place for the mom-to-be and guests, and it can have a more intimate feel.

2. Friend or Family Member’s Home

If your home isn’t big enough to fit the guest list, you can ask a friend or family member of either you or the mom-to-be to have the shower at their home. 

Having the baby shower in a friend’s or family member’s home will give you all the benefits I listed above. Plus, you might have more help setting up for the shower when the time comes. 

3. Church

Churches often have spaces you can use for gatherings, and they typically are free to use or very cheap. If you or the mom-to-be belong to a church, call them to see their availability and fees. 

If you don’t belong to a church, most will still rent their banquet hall to anyone with a rental fee.

A great thing about hosting a baby shower in a church space is that they often have a kitchen you can use while you’re there. If you need to use a fridge or an oven to heat some party foods, having it available for you can make things easier. 

4. Public Park

The great thing about having a baby shower in a public park is that many towns and cities have numerous parks to choose from. And most times, they are free to use (or have a minimal fee). And you might just have to call to reserve a pavilion. 

A public park is one of the best places to have a Spring or Summer baby shower if you’re on a budget. When the weather is warmer, you’ll have plenty of space and parking for guests. And, if there will be children attending, they will likely have a playground to get their energy out at. 

5. Beach

Another great outdoor place to have a baby shower is the beach. If you live near a beach and the mom-to-be enjoys the surf and sand, look into your options!

Many public beaches won’t have a fee to have a party there. But, the biggest thing to think about before choosing to have a baby shower at the beach is the work that will go into setting up. 

You’ll have to consider if you want to haul all the tables and chairs into the sand while also keeping in mind that sand might get into everything. 

In short, while having a beach baby shower might be beautiful, it might be more work than other cheap venue options. 

6. Lake

If you don’t live by a beach but like the idea of having the baby shower near a pretty waterfront background, consider hosting the shower at a local lake! The great thing about having a baby shower at the lake is that many lakes have campground areas near the water with picnic tables that you can use. 

If the mom-to-be is outdoorsy, the lake can be a fantastic option if the shower is in the warmer months. I would ensure that the mom-to-be is ok with driving to the lake if it’s a little ways from town.

7. Virtual Baby Shower

The last of the free places to have a baby shower is a virtual shower. For obvious reasons, virtual baby showers have become increasingly popular in recent years. 

And, if the mom-to-be has many friends and family that live out of town, a virtual shower can be perfect for ensuring everyone is included.

If you’ve never heard of or been to a virtual shower before, it’s relatively straightforward to set up. First, you’ll choose how you want to meet virtually, for example, on Zoom or Skype. Then, you’ll select the date and time and send out the virtual invitations. 

When decorating, you can still put streamers and balloons in the backdrop. And if you still want to do shower favors, you can ship them out to the guests a few days before the shower so they can get to the guest in time. 

Then, on the day of the baby shower, you can all play virtual baby shower games and chat as you would at an in-person shower. 

Choosing a virtual baby shower is one of the most budget-friendly options because you’ll have minimal decor, food, and drinks. Plus, there won’t be a mess to clean up afterward.

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Rental Places to Have a Baby Shower

8. Community Center

Renting a room in a community center is a lower-cost baby shower venue option. Typically, you can rent a room in a community center by the hour instead of a flat fee like you’d find when renting space from a church, for example. 

When renting space in a community center, you’ll usually find that they have a kitchen, tables, and chairs for you to use. Most of the time, these spaces can accommodate quite a few people.

To give you an idea, there is a community center near where I live, and they rent their space for $50/hour. It also can hold up to 190 people, which would be more than enough room to have a standard baby shower. 

9. Restaurant

Renting/reserving a space in a restaurant can come with many perks. Some benefits of having a baby shower at a restaurant are that you won’t have to prepare food, you won’t have to clean up dishes afterward, and the shower decor will be minimal. 

The price is one thing to consider when using a restaurant as a baby shower venue. Most restaurants will charge you by the hour. Depending on the restaurant you choose, the expense could get pretty pricey.

Another thing to verify is that there would be enough room for all of the guests. And lastly, when it comes to food, you’ll want to clarify if everyone will be paying for their own food and drinks or if it will be covered for them. 

10. Brewery

Renting space for a baby shower in a brewery is similar to using a restaurant. The main difference is that there will be fewer options for food. Also, you’ll want to ensure that the mom-to-be is comfortable with the idea since she will not be partaking in the drinking. 

Typically, the price for renting space in a brewery is comparable to a restaurant. You’ll want to confirm the number of people that the space can fit aligns with your guest list. 

11. Farm/Pumpkin Patch

If you’re planning a Summer/Fall baby shower, hosting it at a farm or pumpkin patch can be a super cute and fun option. Many farms have barns that you can rent out, usually by the hour. And they have tables and chairs ready for you to use.

Farms are a great place to host a party because they have plenty of parking space. And, if you have a baby shower to which kids are invited, there are usually fun things for kids to do and see at a farm, like a petting zoo or tractor rides. 

12. Banquet Hall

A banquet hall might be the right venue for you if you’re planning a very large baby shower. Banquet halls are often used for wedding receptions and large parties, so they can accommodate plenty of guests’ parking. 

One of the downsides to renting a banquet hall is that they are often a more pricey option. If a banquet hall suits you, you’ll want to check around and ensure it will work with your budget. 

13. Tent Rental

One of the unique places to have a baby shower in the warmer weather is the outdoors. If you don’t enjoy having a baby shower in a public place like a park, but you need more shade at your home, a rental tent is the way to go!

When considering using a rental tent for a baby shower venue, remember that you’ll have to rent chairs and tables. But, if you have the space in your budget, a rental tent can provide a beautiful outdoor space for the mom-to-be.

14. Botanical Garden

If you live near a botanical garden, it would be a beautiful choice for a baby shower venue! Most botanical gardens have party space for rent, equipped with tables and chairs. 

One of the many perks of choosing a botanical garden as a baby shower venue is that you’ll need minimal decor. The gorgeous flowers and plants will serve as the perfect backdrop! And, if the mom-to-be loves gardening, this venue will be even more perfect.

15. Hotel

If your guest list for the baby shower is on the longer side, renting an event space at a hotel might be the right venue for you! Renting event space at a hotel is typically charged by the hour. And, depending on the hotel you choose, it can be reasonably priced!

When renting hotel space, you’ll benefit from an abundance of parking. Also, you shouldn’t have to worry about renting tables and chairs, as hotels will typically have plenty.

But, when using a hotel space, you will need to plan out some cute decorations to spruce the place up. Most hotel spaces are bland, so you’ll want enough balloons, streamers, and other adorable additions to liven it up.

16. Tea Room

If the mom-to-be loves to dress up and get fancy, a tea room baby shower will make her ecstatic! 

When having a party in a tea room, you can expect to have tea and snack foods like finger sandwiches served for you. All you have to do is set up some minimal decorations and ensure the mom-to-be is having a wonderful time!

If there isn’t a tea room near where you live, you could also set up a tea party baby shower instead! The food and drinks will be easy to put together, and you can find some elegant and pretty decor. 

17. Rooftop Terrace

Another one of the unique places to have a baby shower is a rooftop terrace. Many restaurants, especially in a downtown area, use their rooftop as party spaces. And if you’re looking for a stunning venue for the shower, you’ll have a great backdrop on a rooftop!

One of the downsides to renting space on a rooftop is you have to trust that the weather will work out for you. Sometimes, places will have canopies on their rooftops, but if you have bad, rainy weather, you’ll need a backup plan.

18. Art Studio

As you might have noticed, painting parties have become so popular in the last five years or so. If the mom-to-be is crafty, hosting the baby shower at an art studio would be such a fun and memorable party!

One pro of using an art studio is that they can typically hold quite a few people. My local painting studio can have over 20 people! 

And, since you’ll be doing an activity for the baby shower, you won’t necessarily need to worry about planning baby shower games or setting up a lot of decor. 

19. Spa or Nail Salon

If your baby shower guest list is on the smaller, more intimate side, having the shower at a spa or nail salon can be a fun and relaxing time for everyone. 

When considering a salon as a venue, you’ll want to confirm how many people they can accommodate ahead of time. You’ll also want to ask if they allow you to have and open presents at the salon.

20. Boat

Our last unique rental baby shower venue is a boat. Now, I don’t mean renting a boat you’ll have to drive yourself. What I mean is find out if there is a party boat or boat tour near you that you can have the shower on.

We have a large lake near where we live, and there are a few different companies that have larger boats that can fit a party. First, you book the time frame for the party. Then the boat takes you around the lake while you relax and have some fun on the water. 

How To Choose the Right Baby Shower Venue

Know Your Budget

The first thing you should do when thinking of places to have a baby shower is to figure out your budget. Knowing how much you can or can’t spend on a baby shower venue will allow you to narrow down your choices first thing.

For the best tips on having a baby shower on a budget, check out this post!

How many guests will you have?

When finding the right place to have a baby shower, you’ll want to know how many guests to expect before looking at venues. 

For example, if there will be 25 people at the baby shower, you won’t even want to look at a venue that can accommodate 15 people. That would just let you down if you fell in love with it!

Will there be enough parking for the guests?

Once you verify that a baby shower venue has enough space for the guests, you’ll also want to check out the parking options. Is there enough parking close to the venue space?

If the venue you like doesn’t have a parking lot, see where the closest parking garage is. Or, if the guests will have to park on the street, see how busy the road usually is to ensure someone won’t have to park three blocks away.

How will the weather be?

No matter the season, you’ll always want to check how the weather is supposed to be on the day of the baby shower. For example, if the shower is in the spring and you want to host it outside, you’ll need to ensure it’s not going to be rainy.

Also, if the venue you choose is outdoors, you’ll want to ask them what accommodations they have for you if there is a change in the weather.

How long will the baby shower last?

If you’re choosing a baby shower venue that you must pay for by the hour, you’ll want to be mindful of how long the shower will last. 

If you plan on needing a lot of decorating/set up time, and the shower itself is going to be a few hours, you’ll probably want to choose a venue that is free or has a flat fee. 

Are kids welcome? 

The final thing you’ll want to think about when choosing a baby shower venue is if kids are welcome to attend the shower, too. If kids are there, you’ll want to make sure that the venue choice isn’t inappropriate or unsafe for them.   

For example, if kids will be at the baby shower, you’ll probably skip renting space at a brewery. Or, a lake or the beach probably wouldn’t be the best choice, as there will need to be constant supervision. 

Who should pay for the baby shower?

Traditionally, the hostess of the baby shower is the one who pays for it. That’s a big reason why it can be instrumental to find friends or family of the mom-to-be who would enjoy helping you plan the shower while splitting or pitching in toward the cost.  

Keep in mind that the mom-to-be is usually not a part of the planning or payment. It’s alright to talk to the expecting mom about things she would like to see at her shower. But don’t ask about financial assistance unless she insists on helping. 

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There you have it; the top 20 places to have a baby shower. I hope you found the perfect baby shower venue for the mom-to-be and that you have a spectacular time hosting.

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