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Important Questions To Ask At Your First Prenatal Visit

If you have recently found out you’re pregnant, congratulations! I’m sure a million questions are swirling around your head!  The following list of questions to ask at your first prenatal visit will help bring some clarity to this significant time in your life!

One of the things I found the most helpful as a first-time mom was to come to that first prenatal appointment prepared.

I wrote down the questions that I wanted to ask to ensure I wouldn’t forget anything. And in turn, I could jot down some notes as my doctor answered.

I’ve combined every question on this list into a free printable that you can bring with you to make things easier.  You will have all of these questions in one easy place!

Important Questions To Ask At Your First Prenatal Visit Printable

Now, what are the questions to ask at your first prenatal visit?

What abnormal symptoms should I look out for? What about cramping or bleeding?

Your doctor will likely explain the typical pregnancy symptoms, like morning sickness, for example.

In addition to usual symptoms, you will want to make sure you know what symptoms are worrisome. It is essential to know exactly what to do if you have cramping or bleeding, for instance.

What do I do if I have questions/problems after office hours?

After you ask what abnormal symptoms to look out for, you will also need to know what you need to do if one of those symptoms occurs. This is one of the most important questions to ask at your first prenatal visit.

If they have a different after-hours phone number, make sure to write it down! It’s also a good idea to clarify who you need to speak with. Ask if you need to talk with your doctor or if they have an on-call rotation.

Who will deliver my baby?

You might assume that your doctor will automatically be the person who will deliver your baby, and that might be the case!

But, many doctors’ offices have an on-call rotation.  You will want to know how your doctor’s office handles things; that way, you can meet the other doctors who will possibly deliver your baby.

How much weight gain is healthy during my pregnancy?

It’s important to know much weight gain is healthy for your pregnancy; the amount can vary from person to person.

Steady weight gain is crucial during pregnancy. If you are gaining too much weight, it can put you at risk for gestational diabetes, amongst other things.

What changes do I need to make to my diet?

In addition to talking about your healthy pregnancy weight, you will want to verify any changes you need to make to your diet.

Talk to your doctor about foods you should avoid while pregnant, as well as foods you should be eating more of! Another great thing to ask is how much water you should be drinking.

What kind of exercise should I be doing? How often?

Exercise goes hand-in-hand with weight gain, so you will want to ask what kind of exercise your doctor recommends for you. Also, you should find out what exercises and activities are off-limits.

Another good question to ask is how often you should be exercising. You want to make sure you don’t overdo it!

What screenings or tests will I need?

There are many different screenings and tests you can have done while pregnant. This is especially true if you choose to have any genetic screenings done.

One of the fundamental reasons to find out what tests you will need to have done is so you can call your insurance before the test. That way, you can see what you will be expected to pay, so there aren’t any big surprises.

Do you have any concerns about my family medical history?

One of your first prenatal appointment steps is filling your doctor in on your family medical history.

Once they have all of that information, it’s a good idea to determine if your doctor has any concerns.

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Do I have an increased risk for any complications?

In addition to any concerns about your family history, you will want to ask your doctor if you are showing any risk factors for complications.

Things like age, weight, and pre-existing medical conditions will all be taken into consideration.

Another great thing to ask is if your doctor/hospital is equipped to handle high-risk pregnancies.

For example, the birth center where I had my baby didn’t have a NICU. I had to be comfortable with the fact that my child would have to travel 20 minutes to the next town if anything serious happened.

How often will I have appointments?

Especially if you are working until your due date, it’s nice to know how frequently you will have appointments. If you are in a unique situation, it could be slightly different than other expecting moms.

What can help with my morning sickness?

If you have been experiencing terrible morning sickness before your first appointment, definitely ask your doctor what your options are!

Other than the suggestions I have listed in this post, they can offer you different solutions that you might need a prescription for.

What medications can I take? What are off-limits?

During pregnancy, you need to be very careful of what medications you are taking. Always check with your doctor if you have the slightest doubt!

You will want to verify that any prescription medications you are currently taking are ok, and ask about safe OTCs. Also, you can ask what type of prenatal vitamins they suggest.

Will I have any work restrictions?

If you plan on working during your pregnancy, talk to your doctor about your job duties, and make sure that you won’t have any restrictions.

What things do I need to be considering for my birth plan?

Birth plans are increasingly popular these days, so it’s wonderful to start that conversation with your doctor now.

Some things to ask about are epidurals, support for a non-medicated birth, and where you will deliver your baby.

Do I have any travel restrictions?

When it comes to traveling while pregnant, you will want to find out what you can and cannot do.

Ask how late in your pregnancy you can still travel and how late in your pregnancy you can fly while traveling. 

Pregnant woman talking with doctor

Do you recommend any birthing/breastfeeding classes?

Especially as a first-time mom, taking a birth/breastfeeding class is a wonderful thing to do.

There are so many options out there for classes, whether online or in-person, making it a little overwhelming to choose.  Asking your doctor what they recommend is a great place to start!

Many times, the hospital where you will be delivering will offer classes for birthing and breastfeeding.  As a bonus, they are often free! It’s worth it to find out what your hospital provides.

Things to keep in mind for your first appointment:

So, when will your first prenatal appointment be?

Once you get that positive result on the pregnancy test, you will want to call the doctor’s office and make your first appointment.

The first appointment with your OB will usually take place around the eighth week of your pregnancy.

Before you make the call, you will want to figure out the first day of your last period. This will be one of the first questions they will ask you on the phone because that is how they will determine your due date.

Round-Up Medical History Beforehand

At your first appointment, your doctor will ask you details about your medical history, as well as your family’s and possibly even your partners.

It will be so beneficial for you to ask your parents and your partner about their medical histories ahead of time so you can keep track of everything. 

Also, be sure to write it down!  When I am asked questions about my family’s medical history, I always draw a blank!

And there you have it! Being a first-time mom comes with so many uncertainties, so I hope this list helps ease your mind.

Arriving at your appointment with this list of questions to ask at your first prenatal visit will help you feel confident that you are a little more prepared for this exciting journey!

What were some of your biggest questions about pregnancy that I don’t have on this list? I would love to know in the comments below!

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Important Questions To Ask At Your First Prenatal Visit Printable

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  1. This is the perfect post for any expecting mother. We moved across country at 20 weeks so we questioned our first doctor then really hammered the second one in our new home town. Poor doc. We asked so many questions and we ended up loving him. I couldn’t have asked for a better doctor.

    1. That’s awesome! Having a doctor that you love helps make your pregnancy/delivery so much better.

  2. These are great questions. I asked a few of these when I was pregnant and found out the rest as my pregnancies progressed.

    Knowing these beforehand would have helped a lot.

  3. As a first time mom I am nervous and don’t even know where to start. I have my first appointment with my obstetrician on Monday and these questions are so helpful. Thank you so much!

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