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The Best Questions For a Pediatrician Meet and Greet

When preparing for your baby’s arrival, there are many things on your to-do list that just come naturally. Things like picking out the nursery theme, stocking up on essentials before your due date, and buying all of the newborn must-haves are things you know to do automatically.

One thing that many moms forget to add to their to-do list is picking out their baby’s pediatrician.

When trying to find the right pediatrician for your family, you might not know where to start. You’ll probably wonder how to find a pediatrician or when to begin looking for one. Something that’s crucial to have is a list of questions to ask the pediatrician at a meet and greet.

This article will cover everything you need to know about choosing a pediatrician, including how and when to find one. Plus, you’ll find a comprehensive list of questions to ask the pediatrician at your meet and greet, and a free printable to bring with you! 

Let’s get started!

Questions To Ask Before Your Pediatrician Meet and Greet

First, we will start with questions you should ask before your pediatrician meet and greet. These questions will help you determine if that specific doctor’s office has the particular requirements you might need. 

Does your office take my insurance?

One of the most important questions to ask the pediatrician’s office before a meet and greet is if they accept your insurance. If the doctor’s office doesn’t take your insurance, it will result in you paying much more than you would generally need to. 

What are the office hours? Is there after-hours help?

Another excellent thing to consider is the pediatrician’s office hours. If their hours don’t work with your schedule, you might reconsider looking into that pediatrician further. 

Also, do you want a pediatrician that offers after-hours help? You’ll want to establish the office’s policy first thing if that’s important to you. 

Does the office have urgent care or a walk-in policy?

Like after-hours care, you’ll want to consider if having urgent care on-site is essential to you. From my experience, it’s nice having urgent care in the same office as the pediatrician because your child will get used to that building and might not be as worried as they would be at a new doctor’s office. 

Also, if the pediatrician’s office doesn’t have urgent care, you’ll want to know their walk-in policy. There will undoubtedly be times when your child has a cold or something that you want looked at, so it’s crucial to know walk-ins are welcome. 

How far in advance do well-baby appointments need to be scheduled?

Your baby will have frequent well-baby check-ups, especially in their first year. If the pediatrician’s office is so busy that you have to book appointments well in advance, you’ll need to consider if that will work for your schedule. 

For example, if your schedule is consistent, then making appointments in advance would likely be fine. But, if your schedule regularly changes, you might want a doctor’s office that’s a little more laid back.

Is there a separate waiting area for sick and well patients?

Another great thing to consider before making a meet and greet appointment with a pediatrician is if they have separate waiting areas for sick and well patients. Different waiting areas are beneficial because they limit exposure to any viral germs. 

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Questions To Ask the Pediatrician at the Meet and Greet

The following questions are essential to ask the pediatrician at your meet and greet. These questions help you get to know the doctor and ensure that their views on big parenting subjects align with yours. 

Do you have any subspecialties?

When interviewing a pediatrician at a meet and greet, it’s nice to know if they have any subspecialties. A subspecialty is a more narrow field of medicine that the doctor has studied in. For example, some subspecialties could be cardiology or allergies and immunology. 

Are you board-certified?

Another thing that’s nice to know about a potential pediatrician is if they are board-certified. Here is what it means to be board certified, according to the ABP:

“Board certification is a voluntary process that goes above and beyond state licensing requirements for practicing medicine. It is an ongoing commitment by physicians to continuously expand their knowledge in a medical specialty, like pediatrics, or in a subspecialty, such as pediatric hematology-oncology.”

The American Board of Pediatrics

How many years have you been in practice?

If you want a pediatrician with a little more experience, ask them how long they have been in practice. 

But, keep in mind that doctors with less experience can still be just as knowledgeable and give your child the care they need. 

Why did you choose pediatrics?

Asking your potential pediatrician why they went into pediatrics is a fantastic question that will give you some insight into their passion. 

Do you respond to questions by email?

There will undoubtedly be times when you have a question about something related to your baby. For example, maybe your baby got a random rash, you have a question about a medication, or you have a question about a change in behavior. 

Whatever your question, it can sometimes be easier to send a quick email rather than wait on hold to talk to your doctor or nurse (especially if your baby is fussing!). 

While having the ability to ask your pediatrician questions via email isn’t a necessity, it is a good thing to know about!

Will your first meeting with my baby be at the hospital or the first check-up?

Your baby will have frequent check-ups, especially in the first few months. It’s important to know if the pediatrician will see your baby after delivery or if you must wait until their first check-up in the office. 

Our pediatrician was able to meet our baby soon after delivery, and it was nice to have them there to do the initial check-up. I also liked being able to talk to the pediatrician about our initial questions.

When and how should I set up my first appointment after the baby is born?

As I mentioned, your baby will have frequent check-ups in their first months to ensure they are growing at the correct rate and to address any questions you have.

Knowing how to schedule their first appointment ahead of time is beneficial, so you know exactly what to do when the time comes. 

How long does a typical well-baby appointment last?

Because many doctor’s offices follow different routines, it’s helpful to ask how long their typical check-up appointments last. 

Knowing what to expect is especially beneficial if you are a working parent and need to inform your workplace how long you’ll be gone for your baby’s check-ups.

What is your schedule for well-baby check-ups?

Some pediatricians might only do well-baby check-ups on certain days of the week, so it’s nice to know your options.

What can we expect to happen at a well-baby check-up?

Especially as a first-time parent, it’s beneficial to know what to expect when you take your baby for their check-ups.

For example, when we take our son for his well-child check-ups, it starts with a nurse getting his height and weight. Then, they usually ask us some questions and listen to his heart. Next, the doctor comes in, does her check-up, and asks/answers our questions. It’s pretty simple!

What are your views on…  

While it’s not completely necessary to agree with the pediatrician on every topic, it’s ideal to agree with most of their parenting views. 

When you agree with the doctor on big topics like breastfeeding, circumcision, vaccines, antibiotics, and sleep training, to name a few, you’ll be able to feel more like you can trust their guidance and that they have your best interests in mind.

Is this a solo or group practice? How often would we see other doctors if it’s a group practice?

If the pediatrician you like is in a group practice, it’s essential to know if there’s a chance you’ll be seeing the other doctors for your baby’s check-ups. 

Our pediatrician is in a group practice office, but we only see the doctor we chose for our son’s check-ups. If we had to go in for a last-minute appointment, then there is a chance that we could see another doctor.

Are you affiliated with a pediatric hospital?

If there is a pediatric hospital in your area, it’s good to find out if they are associated with that hospital.

What tests are done on-site, and which are done off-site?

Not all doctors’ offices have a lab where they can run bloodwork and other tests. That’s why it’s crucial to find out if the pediatrician’s office you’re interested in can do tests and labs on-site. 

If you have to go off-site for labs or blood tests, it’s a good idea to find out where you would need to go so you know where it is ahead of time.

Questions To Ask Yourself After the Pediatrician Meet and Greet

Now that we’ve gone over questions to ask the office and the pediatrician, here are some answers to ask yourself after your pediatrician meet and greet. These questions will help give you some clarity you make your decision.

Did you feel comfortable with the pediatrician?

Most times, you can get a pretty good idea if you feel comfortable with a doctor after talking with them. If you have any hesitancy whether or not you felt comfortable talking with the pediatrician, it’s probably a sign they weren’t a good match for you.

Did the pediatrician welcome questions?

Another sign that you’ve found the right pediatrician is that they welcomed your questions. It’s always comforting to know that you can ask the doctor anything you need to, and you won’t get brushed off. 

Did the pediatrician answer your questions with great detail?

You not only want your questions welcomed, but you also want your questions answered thoroughly, and in a way you understand. 

Did the interview feel rushed?

If you go to a well-baby check-up and leave feeling like you were rushed out the door, you likely won’t leave feeling too pleased. So, if the pediatrician interview felt rushed, that could be a sign of what’s to come.

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Were you comfortable with the wait time to see the doctor?

Long wait times are sometimes inevitable at doctors’ offices, but some offices have longer waits than others. If you are stuck waiting for an unreasonably long time, it might indicate what to expect in the future. 

But, always keep in mind that many places are short-staffed, so use your best judgment. You can also ask the office staff if the wait time you experienced is average.

Were the other staff members friendly?

Another great thing to reflect on is whether the office felt friendly and welcoming. Did you like the nurses and office staff as well as the pediatrician? You will have many encounters with the office staff, so it’s beneficial if you get good vibes from most of the team.

Was the office clean?

Having a clean doctor’s office is crucial, so if you felt the office was anything other than clean, that’s not a good sign!

When To Start Looking For A Pediatrician?

The best time to start looking for a pediatrician is during pregnancy, especially around the 6-month mark.

It’s best to start looking for a pediatrician sooner rather than later because many doctors’ offices are busy and can be booked out pretty far.

When you schedule a pediatrician meet and greet well before your due date, you’ll give yourself plenty of time in case you’d meet a different pediatrician instead.

How to find a pediatrician?

As a first-time parent, you might not know where to start to find a pediatrician. Here are some terrific places to begin your search:

Ask Your Friends/Coworkers

If you have friends or coworkers with babies or toddlers, ask which pediatrician they use. The great thing about asking people close to you is that they typically won’t hold back details and will give you an honest recommendation.

Ask Your OB/GYN

Another great person to ask about pediatrician recommendations is your OB/GYN. Many local doctors know and work with each other, and your OB/GYN might be able to tell you some good pediatricians in your area that they frequently work with.

See if Your Family Practitioner is Also a Pediatrician

If you have a family doctor that you see for annual check-ups, see if they also do pediatric care! This option is always great because you already know the doctor.

Look at Local Mommy Groups on Social Media

Social media groups can always be a great resource for local recommendations! If you aren’t in a local group already, a quick search will likely find you one. Then, you can see what others are saying, and you can even ask questions in the group.

Google Search and Read Reviews

And lastly, Google is also a great place to find a pediatrician. You can search for pediatric doctors in your area and also read reviews from people who have been there.

Questions To Ask Pediatrician At Meet and Greet Pin Image

I hope these questions to ask the pediatrician at a meet and greet have given you insight into what you should look for! Choosing your baby’s doctor can be a little nerve-racking as a first-time parent. So, I hope gaining this knowledge relieves some of your stress.

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What were some of your favorite questions to ask the pediatrician at a meet and greet? I would love to know in the comments below!

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