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The Ultimate List of Spring Outdoor Activities For Kids

As the chilly winter days are replaced by the warmth of Spring, I find myself even more excited about outdoor activities. Don’t get me wrong; our family loves playing in the snow! But, Springtime brings slightly longer (and warmer) days and even more fun, screen-free activities!

As we start spending more and more time outside, I like to be prepared with numerous easy activities for my toddler. That’s where this list of Spring outdoor activities for kids comes in handy! 

All of these Spring outdoor activities are budget-friendly and simple. You can pick something off of the list with little-to-no prep and head outside! Plus, I love that these outdoor activities are fun for kids of many different ages. 

From toddlers to elementary-age kids, I’m sure there are many activities on this list that they’ll love.

Let’s get started!

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1. Make a Pinecone Bird Feeder

Once Spring arrives, we love watching and listening to birds. A simple way to encourage more birds to come to your yard is to make them a bird feeder!

If you’ve never made a pinecone bird feeder before, they are surprisingly simple! Here’s what you do:

  1. Find a large pinecone that is relatively open. If your pinecone is more closed, you might not be able to fit as much birdseed on it. 
  2. Tie some twine around the middle of the pinecone, ensuring that it’s secure and won’t fall off if a bird lands on it.
  3. Take some creamy peanut butter and spread it all over the pinecone using a butter knife. I’ve heard of people using Crisco instead of peanut butter, but I prefer not to.
  4. Roll the peanut butter-covered pinecone in some birdseed, covering the whole thing.
  5. Hang it in a nearby tree and wait for birds to arrive!

2. Look for New Sprouts

One exciting aspect of Spring is watching all the plants begin to sprout up. If you have a garden, check it every few days to see if you have any plants or flowers starting to grow!

If you don’t have a garden, it’s fun to walk around the neighborhood to see what’s sprouting in nearby yards. 

3. Investigate With a Magnifying Glass

Handheld Shatterproof Magnifying Glass - Spring Outdoor Activities For Kids

With all of the changes that happen in the Spring, it can be fun to take a magnifying glass outside to see the changes up close. 

Starting at about age two, my son loved to pretend he was using a magnifying glass to look for clues. (Probably because he loves Blue’s Clues) So I got him these ones to keep his curiosity going.

My son always looks at things with his magnifying glass, whether inside the house or out. It’s a lot of fun to inspect different textures outside, like grass, wood, or even rocks in the dirt!

4. Make a Dandelion Wish

I loved making wishes and blowing on a fluffy dandelion when I was a kid. Unsurprisingly, my son loves to do this too!

Also, it can be fun to pick a dandelion and see who can blow all of the seeds off in one breath. Or, you can add some counting to the fun and see how many breaths it takes to blow all of the seeds off.

5. Splash in Puddles


One way to enjoy the rainy Spring weather is to jump in the puddles! Make sure your child is equipped with good rain boots and a warm raincoat, and let them have at it.

When there is a day where you have good-sized puddles, see who can make the biggest jump. Or, you can even play a version of Floor is Lava where you can only jump from puddle to puddle!

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6. See Reflections in Puddles

Speaking of rainy weather, you can also teach your kids about reflections in the puddles once the rain stops. 

Try to find a reasonably large puddle, and show your child how they can see their reflection in the puddle. Then, you can ask them if they see anything else in the puddle, like trees or clouds overhead. 

Another fun thing to do is drop small pebbles in the puddle while your child looks at their reflection. Then, they can see how the water ripples and distorts the image.

7. Make Mud Prints

Making mud prints is probably one of the messiest Spring outdoor activities for kids, but it’s worth it! If you have a patch of mud in your yard and don’t mind your child getting fairly dirty, let them make mud prints.

We love making mud prints because it’s a pretty versatile activity, and it has sensory benefits! For example, you can suggest making either hand or footprints on the sidewalk with the mud. 

Or, you can take some animal figurine toys like these ones and have your child make the animal’s feet muddy. Then, your child can put the animal’s prints on the sidewalk instead.

PRO MAMA TIP: If you don’t have mud (or don’t want your child playing in the mud), you can make some taste-safe mud! First, you mix two cups of baked flour and one tablespoon of cocoa powder. Then, you can add water a ½ cup at a time until you reach a muddy consistency!

8. Have a Zoo Bath 

If you choose to do the mud activity with the animal figurines above, keep the fun going by having a zoo bath! 

After the animal toys are nice and muddy, let your kids give them a good scrubbing. All you need is a water table or a plain basin (this basin is collapsable for easy storage!) with some sudsy water, and a scrub brush like these ones

Once your kids have scrubbed the animals clean, they can leave the animals on a towel to air dry before putting them away until the next muddy day!

9. Watch the Earthworms After a Storm

Head outside to watch the earthworms once the rain stops on a drizzly day! My son loves to pick the earthworms up off the sidewalk to help get them back into the grass.

Also, after a heavy rainstorm, you can sit outside and watch the birds find bugs and worms in the grass before taking off for their nests. 

10. Turn Over Rocks or Logs

Another rainy day activity is to turn over or peek under rocks or small logs once the rain has stopped. There is a good chance you’ll find many different bugs underneath! 

Just a reminder; remember to leave the rocks or logs how you found them, so the bugs still have the comfort of their home. 

Spring Outdoor Activities For Kids Pin Image

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11. Spot the Most Insects/Birds/Animals

Whether you’re at home, in a park, or on a nearby hiking trail or forest, play a game of who can spot the most creatures! 

For example, you can choose a specific category, like insects, birds, or animals, and then see who can point out the most.

When doing this Spring outdoor activity with toddlers, you can make it simple and have them point out any birds. But, when playing this game with slightly older kids, you can teach them about the different kinds of birds in your area and try to spot the different types.

12. Visit the Farmers Market

Visiting a farmers market is one of my favorite Spring outdoor activities for kids. There are many different things to see and learn about at a farmers’ market!

Typically, farmers’ markets open in early May. It can be fun to go to a market with your family and have your children pick out some fresh fruit and veggies! 

Also, many farmers’ markets have different arts, crafts, and even baked goods to buy. When your kids see the other things that people sell at a market, it could spark some interest in a new hobby!

13. Make a Rain Catcher

Making a rain catcher can be a fun activity to do with kids for many reasons. First, you can see how much rain you’ve gotten, which can be helpful to know when watering your plants or flowers.

Also, rain catchers can be fun to help teach your child about the weather. To make things even more exciting, you can have your kids guess how much rain there is in the bottle before checking it.

To make a simple rain catcher, you can find simple instructions here.

14. Decorate a Walking Stick

If your kids enjoy picking up walking sticks when you go on a walk or hike, bring the stick home to decorate for your next trek!

To decorate a walking stick, you’ll start by wrapping some colored duct tape around where your child would put their hands. This will help protect their hands from splinters while giving them a bit of a grip to hold on to.

Next is where your kids’ creativity comes out! They can take some twine and tie things like feathers, beads, or other items they find on their walk, like pinecones, towards the top of the walking stick. 

15. Watch the Wind 

Colorful Flower Spinner - Spring Outdoor Activities For Kids

Another fun way to teach your child about weather is to watch the wind. One of the most fun ways to watch the wind is to use pinwheels

You can teach your child to find the direction of the wind and show them that the pinwheel doesn’t work unless it’s pointed in the right direction. 

If you don’t have a pinwheel, you can tie streamers to a stick and place the stick into the ground. As the wind picks up, the streamers will blow in the direction of the wind!

Another simple way to play in the wind is to toss a light object straight up into the air, like a small ball or pinecone, and see which way it blows.

16. Watch the Sunset After Dinner 

Once Spring begins, the days start to become longer. After a busy day, getting outside in the evening or after dinner to watch the sunset can be an excellent way to unwind as a family.

17. Plant Some Flower Seeds

Outdoor Planters, Flower Pots - Pack Of 2

Planting flower seeds is one of the most terrific Spring outdoor activities for kids because it teaches them many things. When you teach your child how to grow flowers from seeds, they will learn patience, how to care for something and the basics of gardening!

If you don’t have a place to plant in the ground, most flowers can grow well in a planter. Once you have a designated spot for the flowers to grow, you can take your kids to pick out some seeds. 

Then, you follow the directions on the seed packages and wait for the flowers to grow!

18. Play In a Rainstorm 

If you find yourself at home while there is a downpour of rain outside, let your kids play in it! (Of course, don’t let your kids play out in the rain if there is lightning or thunder.)

Playing in the rain and getting completely soaked is such a fun experience. Just be sure to prepare ahead of time and stack some towels next to the door for when you come back inside.

19. Make a Container Garden

Kids Gardening tools Set - Spring Outdoor Activities For Kids

Like planting flower seeds, planting a container garden can be so fun to do as a family. Plus, when your kids plant veggies and have fun watering them and watching them grow, they might be even more excited to eat them!

If you’ve never started a container garden before, check out this comprehensive article for beginners!

Also, when gardening with kids, it can be beneficial to give them their own supplies. My son has this gardening kit, and he loves it! The tools have held up well, and everything is the perfect size for him.

20. Break Out the Sidewalk Chalk

Chalk City Sidewalk Chalk, Jumbo Chalk

The minute the snow dries up and the sidewalks are dry, my son wants the sidewalk chalk out! I like having a good assortment of chalk, like this pack, because it ensures that we have plenty to last a while.

Not to mention, playing with sidewalk chalk is one of the most simple but fun Spring outdoor activities for kids. Your kids can draw, practice writing their ABCs and numbers, or create games like hopscotch!

Spring Outdoor Activities For Kids Pin Image

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21. Form ABCs and Numbers Out Of Sticks 

Forming numbers and letters out of sticks is one of the simple, educational Spring outdoor activities for kids. Not to mention, it’s perfect if your kids are just starting to learn them!

Giving kids the challenge of using sticks to form numbers and letters can provide them with a fun challenge and keep them engaged.

Plus, all you need is some small sticks and twigs from the yard- nothing extravagant!

22. Watercolor Paint Outside

Watercolor painting is one of my son’s favorite crafts, but it can get messy. That’s why I love to set this craft up for my son outside! 

Another thing I love about watercolor painting is that it’s budget-friendly. You don’t even need to buy “watercolor” paint. Add drops of food coloring into a white ice cube tray and slowly add a bit of water to each spot. 

Then, all you need is some watercolor paper and paintbrushes, and you’re ready to go!

PRO MAMA TIP: Pop the ice cube tray with leftover paints in the freezer for next time. Then, you can defrost the paints on the kitchen counter or put them in the sun for a bit, and your kiddo is ready to paint again!

23. Have a Picnic Snack Time 

Waterproof Picnic Blanket - Spring Outdoor Activities For Kids

Having meals and snacks outside is a simple way to change things up. Plus, once your kids are done eating, they will likely want to stay out to play!

I have found that having a snack-time picnic is easy to set up and a lot of fun! Even if you set up the picnic on your porch, your kids will think it’s so much fun!

I like having a waterproof picnic blanket like this one because it comes in handy, especially if you keep it in the trunk of your car. Then, if you take your kids to the park, you’ll have the picnic blanket if you need it!

24. Make a 2×2 Digging Square 

As my son gets older, he loves to dig in the dirt. Even if he never finds anything remarkable, he enjoys simply searching in the flower garden and making dirt piles. 

If you don’t have a garden or don’t have room for random digging in your garden, you can make a digging square for your kiddos. Even a 2×2 square of dirt is enough room for exploration! 

If this Spring outdoor activity interests you, keep in mind that you can spruce up the digging square so it doesn’t look ugly. You can build a simple wood frame to make it similar to a sandbox, and it will look nicer. 

25. Find a New-to-You Park Before the Busy Summer

Typically, Springtime at the park is not nearly as busy as summer. In the Spring, it can be a bit chilly, so many people choose to stay home instead. That’s why Spring is the perfect time to explore new-to-you parks!

Or, if you know all of the parks in your area, Spring can be a great time to visit the most popular local parks.

26. Look For Bird Nests in Trees

As the birds become more and more active, it can be a lot of fun to try and spot some bird nests! If you have binoculars, they can add even more fun to this activity.

The easiest way to look for bird nests is to walk around your neighborhood or local parks. Observe the birds and see if you find any flying back to their nest with food!

27. Grow Grass Seeds in a Cup

Growing grass seeds inside can be fun for your kids to watch, and it gives them an idea of what’s happening outside.

All you need for this Spring outdoor activity is some soil, grass seed, and a clear plastic cup. 

First, you’ll add a layer of soil to the bottom of the cup, about an inch tall. Next, you’ll add a thin layer of grass seeds and cover the seeds with another thin layer of soil. 

Then, you’ll need to keep the soil moist and keep the cup on a sunny windowsill or even on your porch or picnic table. You’ll start to see grass sprouting in a few weeks!

28. Take Messy Toys Outside

There’s no doubt that many kids love messy toys and crafts. But, it can sometimes be daunting to do those activities inside the house when you know just how messy they can get. 

On Spring days, when it’s sunny and getting warmer, help your kids do messy crafts or toys outside! One of the toys that we love to take out is Kinetic Sand

No matter how hard we try, Kinetic Sand always ends up on the floor inside. But, when you take it outside, it takes some of the clean-up stress away!

29. Count the Bird Calls 

One of the most calming Sping outdoor activities for kids is to all close your eyes and try to spot the different bird calls. 

It can be fun to imitate the bird call once you hear it and attempt to decipher how many different bird calls you can pick out. 

And, to extend the learning once you return inside, you can try to learn which of your local birds were making each sound.

30. Give Old Toys New Life Outside 

If you have old blocks or figurine toys that aren’t played with much these days, take them outside!

You’ll be pleasantly surprised when the toys that your kids never touched anymore are suddenly a huge hit when they are taken outside! 

Plus, because they are older toys that are probably already a bit beat up, it won’t matter if your kids play rough with them outside.

31. Pick Up the Neighborhood

Have you ever noticed how much litter there is alongside the roads as it becomes Springtime? Especially if you live in a snowy climate, you might see a lot of garbage showing up as the snow-plowed piles melt away.

Taking a walk around your neighborhood and picking up the litter not only helps your community look better, but it sets an excellent example for your children.

If you have younger toddlers and don’t want them picking up the garbage, you can have them point it out for you to grab. But, if you have older children, you can give them some gloves to wear and make it a group effort!

Spring Outdoor Activities For Kids Pin Image

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of Spring outdoor activities for kids! Spending time outside with your children is beneficial for many reasons; I hope these activities help make getting outdoors effortless for your family!

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What was one of your favorite Spring outdoor activities for kids? I would love to know in the comments below!

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  1. So many great activity ideas! And I love that they don’t involve BUYING tons of junk to do them. We’ll have to decorate walking sticks this weekend 💕

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed these activity ideas, Brittni! I agree; not having to buy a bunch of stuff for these activities is excellent. I hope your family has fun decorating walking sticks! 🙂

  2. These are great! Getting outdoors is the best for play and exploration. Taking old toys outside brings them new life too!

  3. This is a fantastic list! My daughters both love the outdoors and you have a lot of great suggestions. We will definitely be watching the wind and I bet they would love to spot the birds and insects too!

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