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Useful And Fun Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Babies

Your baby might not understand all of the excitement around Christmas, but that doesn’t mean you should skip making your baby their first Christmas stocking! To make it easier for you, we put the best stocking stuffer ideas for babies all in one place!

If you’re thinking, ‘why should I make a stocking for my baby if they don’t know what’s going on?’.  There are many reasons to make your baby’s first Christmas stocking!  

The first reason to make your baby a stocking is to include them in your Christmas traditions!  Traditions are so important for bringing the family together to create beautiful memories, and your baby should be included in that!

The following reason to make your baby a stocking is because you can fill it with practical items that your child needs. Christmas stockings don’t have to be strictly treats and toys! Finding the best combination of fun and useful things will be the best option for everyone in your family!

Lastly, depending on how old your child will be on their first Christmas, opening their stocking might be pretty exciting for them!  This list of stocking stuffer ideas for babies is ideal for newborns to 12-month-olds. If your baby is closer to 12-months-old, they will love opening their first stocking!

Now, onto the list!

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Toy Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Babies

Mini Board Books

Mini Board Books - Stocking stuffer ideas for babies

Books are wonderful gifts for children of all ages.  What I love most about these mini board books is that they are the perfect size for little hands! Also, there is such a wide variety of options to choose from.

Soft Books

Soft Crinkle Book For Babies

In addition to the mini board books, we also love these soft books!  They have multiple fun sensory pages with different textures.  

Baby Banana

Baby Banana - stocking stuffer ideas for babies

This Baby Banana teether toothbrush is fantastic!  My son loved chewing on his banana teether basically until he had all of his teeth! Plus, the Baby Banana kind of acts as your baby’s first ‘toothbrush.’ 

Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Babies Pin Image

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Teething Mitten

Nuby Teething Mitten

It’s no secret that babies love chewing on their hands, or really anything for that matter.  These teething mittens give your baby something a little more interesting to explore!


Oball Rattle for babies

One of my son’s favorite rattles was this Oball Rattle. It’s so lightweight and easy to hold; babies love them! A bonus is that these rattles are easy to attach to a toy clip, preventing them from flying onto the ground in public.


Elephant Lovey - Stocking stuffer ideas for babies

Lovey’s are such remarkable stocking stuffer ideas for babies because they might end up being one of your baby’s favorite toys!  

Many babies attach to loveys and find security in them; they are easy for babies to cuddle!

Tag Blanket

Elephant Tag Blanket for babies

Similar to the lovey, tag blankets are another hot item for babies!  For whatever reason, many babies like to find tags on things, like their blankets, and hold onto/suck on them.

This tag blanket is fantastic because it has bright colors and different textures in addition to the tags!

Travel Sound Machine

Baby Shusher - stocking stuffer ideas for babies

Before having a baby, I had no idea how fantastic sound machines can be!  Sound machines help to soothe your baby while sleeping and can drown out harsh outside noises like a dog barking, for instance.  

We have this sound machine in our nursery, but it’s also nice to have a portable one. The Baby Shusher is a great on-the-go option!

Car Seat Toys

Infantino Car Seat Toy - Stocking stuffer ideas for babies

Whether in the car or the stroller, car seat toys can bring endless entertainment for your little one.  I like this one because it’s not too huge, it has many sensory aspects, and it plays music!

Stacking Cups

Stacking Cup Toys

Stacking cups are another one of the must-have stocking stuffer ideas for babies.  Not only are they inexpensive, but they are so much fun in many different ways!

Even if your little one is too young to stack the cups, they will like chewing on them, rolling them, throwing them, and even putting other small toys inside each cup.

Sensory Balls

Infantino Sensory Balls For Babies

If you haven’t noticed a theme here, sensory items are so crucial for babies!  These sensory balls are no exception.  Babies get so interested in the funny textures on these balls, and the bright colors are also fantastic for babies developing eyes.

Pacifier Holder

Sloth Pacifier Holder - stocking stuffer ideas for babies

If your child uses a pacifier, pacifier holders are so adorable!  In addition to being soft and cute, paci holders act as a handle of sorts to help your child keep their pacifier in their mouth.

Baby-Safe Mirror

Baby Safe Mirror For Tummy Time

Babies are amazed by everything; it’s so amazing to watch their reactions to the world around them.  Babies are also amazed by their reflection in the mirror!

These baby-safe mirrors are lovely to have on the floor for tummy time, especially if your baby doesn’t enjoy playing on their tummy!

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Clothing Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Babies


My First Christmas onesie

Onesies are perfect stocking stuffers for babies because they can be rolled up into tiny bundles!  Plus, there are so many cute onesies out there!

If you want to be festive, you can get a Baby’s First Christmas’ onesie to wear on Christmas day!


Baby socks with grips

Is it just me, or do socks magically disappear!? Especially when my son was approaching the 12-month mark, I preferred to have these socks with grips on the bottom.  Grippy socks work perfectly for babies who need some traction while crawling or attempting to walk.

Footed Pajamas

Footed Christmas Pajamas for babies

Like onesies, footed pajamas are great stocking stuffer ideas for babies because they can be folded up pretty small.

Winter Hat

Carters winter hat and mittens for babies

If you live in a colder climate, a new winter hat is a perfect stocking stuffer idea.  I love these hats for younger babies because they cover the ears helping them stay on a little better, and they come with mittens!

Hair Bows

Hair Bows - stocking stuffer ideas for babies

If you have a little girl, hair bows are always a great addition to stockings!  They are small, so they don’t take up much room. Plus, they are so sweet!


Baby puff snacks

If your child is over 6-months old and is enjoying their fair share of snacks already, throw some non-perishable snacks in their stocking!  Baby puffs are a prevalent choice!

Sippy Cups

Munchkin 360 Miracle Sippy Cups

These 360 Miracle sippy cups are terrific!  They might look a little confusing to use, but they are straightforward. Not to mention, they are much better for your baby’s growing teeth than a traditional sippy cup.

Snack Catchers

Munchkin Snack Catchers - stocking stuffer ideas for babies

As your baby gets older, the need for snacks gets pretty intense. 😉 We use these Snack Catchers, and not only do they keep the mess down, but they can help your child slow down and not scarf their food.


Munchkin White Hot Safety Spoons

Baby-safe spoons and forks are perfect stocking stuffer ideas for babies!  For younger babies just starting solids, we loved these spoons!  For older babies who are learning how to use forks and spoons on their own, these ones are excellent!


Bibs - stocking stuffer ideas for babies

Like clothing, bibs make great stocking stuffers for babies because they are easy to fold up into small bundles.  We enjoyed these bibs because they have a waterproof backing to help prevent stains on the cute baby clothes. 

Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Babies Pin Image

Baby’s first Christmas is such a memorable holiday that I’m sure you’re looking forward to! The wonderful thing about these stocking stuffer ideas for babies is that many of these suggestions can be used as gift ideas too!

Make sure you take some time away from all of the excitement to soak in your precious little one.  Holidays can get hectic, and you won’t want to miss making sweet memories with your baby!

What are your favorite go-to stocking stuffer ideas for babies? I would love to know in the comments below!

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  1. Love this! Small books and sensory toys are always a go to when searching for stocking stuffers with our kids. And of course, socks, socks and more socks. It’s almost become a silly family tradition to see who can find the craziest socks for stocking gifts.

  2. I have to say… everything on this list is SPOT ON! I just had my first last year and these are the items he would’ve loved/needed for Christmas! Great list ☺️

  3. Oh these stocking stuffers for babies are great ideas! Im going to need to save this since it’ll be my baby girl’s first Christmas ❤️

  4. Thank you so much for this! I’ve been struggling to figure out what to put in my newest baby’s stocking because he’ll be too young for food! These are perfect suggestions!

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