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The Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Toddlers

Once you have a toddler, Christmas starts to get a little more exciting! As your kiddo gets older, they begin to appreciate the holidays a little more.  They know that the holidays bring tons of fun, and they might even start to enjoy your family’s Christmas traditions! Not to mention, they know that wrapped gifts probably mean new toys! That’s where these stocking stuffer ideas for toddlers come in handy!

Many people get wrapped up in the thought that the price tag equates to how good the gift is.  But that’s certainly not the case.  The great thing about shopping for toddlers is that they aren’t too picky. 

Also, when shopping for stocking stuffer ideas for toddlers, I have found that it’s best to combine a versatile mix of items.  In this list, you’ll find toys, clothing, and feeding-related items for toddlers ages 1-3. These items are all budget-friendly and perfect for a Christmas stocking!

Now, onto the list!

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Toy Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Toddlers

Gaming Controller

Fisher Price Lil Gamer toy for toddlers

Fisher-Price makes such fantastic toys, and this gaming controller is no exception! Aside from being cute, this gaming toy has music, lights and helps to teach colors, numbers, and shapes.

Little People Cars

Fisher Price Little People Cars - stocking stuffer ideas for toddlers

Another Fisher-Price item that our kiddo has always loved is the Little People toys. These cars are entertaining, and you could split this pack of six between multiple children or wrap some and put the rest in the stocking!

Finger Puppets

Finger Puppets - stocking stuffer ideas for toddlers

You might be surprised how entertaining finger puppets can be for toddlers!  Plus, when your toddler practices putting the finger puppets on their fingers, it’s great for fine motor skill development!

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Board Books

'First 100' Board Books Box Set For Toddlers

As I mentioned in the list of stocking stuffers for babies, books are great gifts for kids of any age!  

Because toddlers can be pretty rough with books, I prefer to stick with board books.  These ‘First 100’ books are great for toddlers.  They can start to recognize and name the different pictures on each page!


Crayola Jumbo Crayons - stocking stuffer ideas for toddlers

Crayons are one of the best art supplies for toddlers; plus, they fit perfectly in a stocking!  My son has always used these Jumbo Crayola Crayons.  They are comfortable to hold and don’t break easily! 

Finger Paint

Crayola Finger Paint

Finger painting is a fantastic art activity that has great sensory aspects.  These finger paints from Crayola are great because they are a good starting size with the primary colors!

Magic Coloring Book

Melissa and Doug Color Reveal Coloring Books

Another one of the art-related stocking stuffer ideas for toddlers is these Magic Coloring Books! The terrific thing about magic coloring books is that there is no chance of marker ending up anywhere but the book!  

My First Brain Quest

My First Brain Quest - stocking stuffer ideas for toddlers

I remember when my son was around 22 months old, he was suddenly saying so many more words and phrases.  It seemed like he had developed so much practically overnight! 

That’s why Brain Quests are so awesome!  My First Brain Quest has 350 questions to help build your kiddo’s word skills.  This pack of Q&A cards is meant for 2 to 3-year-old toddlers, but if they enjoy these Brain Quests, there are many more packs you can get!

Bath Boats

Munchkin Boat Toys - stocking stuffer ideas for toddlers

Bath toys are great stocking stuffer ideas for toddlers!  I love these bath boats because no water can get trapped in them, unlike bath squirter toys.  Plus, you can stack the boats or link them together to make a boat train!

Wind-Up Bath Toys

Munchkin Wind Up Bath Penguin

Wind-up bath toys are so entertaining!  My son absolutely loves this wind-up penguin. Your kiddo might need some help winding the penguin up, but they will love to watch him swim in the tub!

Pull-Back Cars

B. toys - Mini Pull-Back Vehicles Set

Any car is a great stocking stuffer for toddlers; they are usually small enough to fit in the stocking! These pull-back cars are fantastic because they roll pretty far and they have cute cartoon faces.  Kids love to pull them back and watch them go! 

Fine Motor Tools

Learning Resources Fine Motor Tool Set

It’s no secret that toddlers love sensory activities, and those kinds of activities are remarkable for their development!  We use these tools all of the time with different activities, especially with water beads!

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Water Bottle

Zak Designs Water Bottle For Toddlers

Having a good water bottle is crucial when getting your toddler to drink enough water throughout the day.  We use these ones, and they work very well! I like that you can close them to help prevent spills, and they come in many different character designs.

Sippy Cup

360 Miracle Sippy Cups

If your toddler still uses a sippy cup, a new one is a great stocking stuffer idea!  We have always used the 360 Miracle Cup. It’s easy to use and wonderfully leakproof.


Munchkin Spoons and Forks For Toddlers

Spoons and forks are other great stocking stuffer ideas for toddlers.  The chances are that your toddler is getting better at using utensils, and new ones can be exciting!


Gerber Grain Bars for toddlers

Snacks are an excellent alternative to candy when you are making a stocking.  Any non-perishable snacks that your toddler loves will be great!  


Colgate Toddler Toothbrush And Training Toothpaste -stocking stuffer ideas for toddlers

As your kiddo gets older and starts to get most of their teeth, you can get rid of their training toothbrush and put a new toddler toothbrush in their stocking!

We love this toothbrush and training toothpaste for toddlers. It’s the perfect size for when they start learning how to brush their teeth.

Clothing Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Toddlers


Carters Christmas shirts for toddlers

As I said in my post on stocking stuffers for babies, clothing is always an easy stocking stuffer idea for kids. Kids’ clothing is small enough to roll up and fit in the stocking.

If your child has a favorite cartoon character, that will always be a good option.  On the other hand, you can get a little more festive and get them a Christmas shirt to wear on Christmas day!


Carters Christmas pajamas for toddlers

Even as an adult, I look forward to getting new pajamas around Christmas time.  Like shirts, toddler pajamas will fit nicely in a stocking while still leaving room for other goodies.  


Socks For Toddlers _ Stocking stuffers for toddlers

I don’t know about you, but in my house, socks either go missing, or my kiddo quickly grows out of them.  If you choose to add socks to your toddler’s stocking, take them out of the package to help them fit more easily!


Toddler Boys Underwear

If your toddler is already potty trained, or you will be starting potty training soon, put some fun undies in your kiddos’ stocking!  Especially in the early days of potty training, kids love underwear.  It makes them feel like the big kid they are quickly becoming!

Winter Hat

Toddler Winter Hat - stocking stuffers for toddlers

A new winter hat is an excellent stocking stuffer idea for toddlers if you live in a cold climate!  As my son has gotten a little older, he prefers to wear a simple beanie. 


Winter Gloves For Toddlers

Similar to winter hats, mittens are great stocking stuffers for toddlers!  Plus, like socks, mittens seem to disappear mysteriously.  

Hair Bows

Hair Bows For Toddlers

If you have a toddler that loves to put bows or other accessories in their hair, they will love seeing new ones in their stocking!  

Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Toddlers Pin Image

One of the remarkable things about these stocking stuffer ideas for toddlers is that many of these suggestions can be used as gift ideas as well!  

Also, it can be easy to get swept up in trying to make the holidays perfect for your family.  Try to take a breather and remember that your toddler is going to love everything that you do.  They won’t care about the number of gifts they get; they will be ecstatic about everything, regardless!

What are some of your go-to stocking stuffer ideas for toddlers?  I would love to know in the comments below!

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