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The Best Outdoor Toys For Toddlers

With Spring quickly approaching, what better time than now to find some fantastic outdoor toys for toddlers!

Because playing outside is so crucial, it’s great not only for your kiddo but for yourself as well! Some of the top reasons to go out are getting more exercise, getting more vitamin D, helping lessen anxiety, and helping you sleep better!

All of these reasons to go outside lead to you and your child being much happier. I know getting out of the house and outside for even 15 minutes improves my mood!

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Let’s start with some outdoor safety tips:


It’s imperative to put on sunscreen before going outside. Therefore, if you and your child will be out for prolonged periods or will be playing in the water, remember to reapply periodically!

I love this sunscreen as it’s excellent for sensitive skin, and most importantly, it’s an SPF 50.


Along with using sunscreen, it’s a great idea to have a sun hat, and if they will wear them, sunglasses for your child.

My kiddo uses this sun hat and these sunglasses, and what I like about both of these items is that they have adjustable straps. Using straps that can adjust to your baby’s head helps them stay on a lot easier.

Wear Proper Shoes

Having your child wear the right shoes is vital to help prevent falls and injuries.

When purchasing sandals for your kiddo, opt for a closed-toe style. Having the toes enclosed will help to protect against sticks or rocks hurting their toes. It can also lessen an injury from stubbing their toe on anything.

If you are looking for awesome sandals for your toddler, these ones are excellent and supportive!

In addition, if your child is playing in the water, these water shoes are great for preventing slips!

Bring A Water Bottle

Regardless of how long you plan to be outside, make sure to bring a water bottle! Your kiddo (and you) must stay hydrated, and playing outside can dehydrate you faster than you think!

These water bottles are great for toddlers, and they come in so many fun designs! If you would prefer a sippy cup, these ones are our favorite!

Start Teaching Boundaries

Your child is never too young to start learning about boundaries and outdoor safety!

Therefore, some examples of things you will want to talk to your child about are:

  • Subjects like not playing in the street.
  • Stranger danger.
  • Things like going down the slide feet first and not eating something you find outside.

Now, onto the list of outdoor toys for toddlers!

1. Cozy Coupe Car

Cozy Coupes are such classic outdoor toys for toddlers. Not only do they bring hours of fun, but they also provide some shade. Plus, they aren’t too expensive compared to other toddler cars!

We have this fire engine Cozy Coupe, and our son loves it. If you are looking for one that’s a little more girly, this one is so cute!

Another great thing about these cars is that there is a removable floorboard. Having the floorboard attached makes it safe for younger toddlers to be pushed in the car.

Once your kiddo is older, you can remove the floorboard, and they can push themselves!

2. Water Pad/ Toddler Pool

Many toddlers love playing with water, whether it’s in the bathtub or outside on a sunny day!

A toddler pool is one of the essential outdoor toys for toddlers. In addition to pool toys, you can also grab some bath toys to add to the pool! Either way, your kiddo will have tons of fun splashing around!

A splash pad is another great water toy. This splash pad not only holds water to splash in, but it has water that sprays up like a sprinkler for added fun!

3. Splash Table

Splash tables are one of the most popular water toys. Even just looking at this splash table, you know that it will be a blast!

Some great features of this splash table teach your kiddo about different sensory experiences, and it also helps develop their motor skills. Plus, this toy is excellent for multiple children to play together!

4. Sprinkler

Sprinklers are great summer toys to help keep your kiddo cool on a hot day! Not to mention, they water your yard at the same time. 😉

We have this sprinkler, and it’s pretty much the cutest sprinkler ever.

5. Foam Water Blasters

If you have ever had a water gun fight, then you know why these water blasters will be fun!

Foam water blasters are great for younger kids because they are lightweight and easy to use. However, one thing to keep in mind is that depending on how little your child is, they might need help filling the blaster with water.

outdoor toys for toddlers

6. Bubble Lawn Mower

As I mentioned in this post, kids love to imitate their parents! This bubble lawn mower is such a fun toy, and it lets your kiddo pretend like they are mowing the lawn!

The bubble lawn mower is also a great toy for kids who are getting used to walking around in the grass; it will help give them a little support while they walk.

7. Sidewalk Chalk

If your kiddo loves to color with crayons or markers, then you need some sidewalk chalk!

This chalk set is an excellent option for sidewalk chalk because they are comfortable to hold and budget-friendly!

8. Garden Tools

If you have a garden, getting your toddler some gardening tools of their own will help to get them excited about helping you!

This set is such a great budget-friendly option! It comes with two tools and a watering can. If you are looking for something with a little more items, this one is another wonderful option!

9. Sports Toys

Sports toys are great to get your toddler because they will expose them to different activities! How would your kiddo know if they like to play basketball if they never actually play?

There are tons of options for sports toys for toddlers. There are basketball hoops, soccer goals, baseball tees, and even golf sets. Another fantastic feature of these toys is that they don’t take up too much room in the yard.

10. Kickball

In addition to sports toys, it’s great to have a regular kickball around. This is because kickballs are fun for kids to play with in groups or even by themselves.

outdoor toys for toddlers

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11. Slide

Slides are so much fun, and kids love them! Also, slides are great to have at home for those days when you don’t have time to go to the park.

There are two great options for at-home slides, and they both can fold in half for easy storage! We have this one, and it’s a little larger, so you can use it for many years to come.

If you are looking for a smaller option, this slide is great and can still be used for quite a while.

12. Sit’n’Spin

A Sit’n’Spin is another classic toy that has been around for years! If you aren’t sure what a Sit’n’Spin is, it’s fundamentally a merry-go-round at home.

13. Rocking Horse

Rocking horses are a kid-favorite toy, and this outdoor option is no exception. Therefore, your kiddo will love rocking on this toy, providing so much fun!

This rocking horse is excellent for one kiddo, but this rocking horse is more of a teeter-totter. It can hold three kids, so if you have multiple kids, nobody is left out!

14. Trucks

These trucks are such fun items to play with outside! For example, if you have some leaves in the yard or a sandbox, your kiddo will love scooping any item up and transferring it somewhere else!

15. Picnic Table

A picnic table isn’t a toy, but it’s a necessary outdoor item for toddlers! This is because it’s a great spot to eat lunch, color pictures, or play in general.

This is a great picnic table for little ones. It’s just the right size, and it has an umbrella for shade!

outdoor toys for toddlers

I hope you have found some of your kiddo’s new favorite toys in this post! One thing to keep in mind is that if your child doesn’t enjoy being outside, don’t force it! Some kids just don’t like the outdoors.

If this is the case for you, I would suggest trying some outdoor playing for 10-15 minutes every few days. That might be just the right amount of time for your child to start enjoying being outside!

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What are your favorite outdoor toys for toddlers? I would love to know in the comments below!

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