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The Ultimate Toddler Packing List With Free Printable

Traveling with a toddler can be both exciting and overwhelming. It’s crucial to ensure your toddler is comfortable and happy during your trip, but you don’t want to pack too much stuff. Creating a toddler packing list that includes all their necessary items is essential for a successful trip.

We recently took our toddler on our first road trip of the year, and I was amazed at how quickly our suitcase filled up. I didn’t want to forget anything important, but I didn’t want to overpack for our short trip.

When preparing a packing list for your toddler, it’s important to consider the length of your trip. If it’s a long journey, you may need to bring extra supplies to ensure you have enough for the entire duration. 

Additionally, the mode of transportation is another necessary factor to consider. Traveling by car means you’ll have more space to bring more than when flying. However, if you’re flying, you’ll need to be mindful of the airline’s baggage restrictions and pack accordingly.

Let’s get started!

Note: Remember to grab the free printable toddler packing list at the end of this post! 🙂

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Toddler Travel Packing List: Clothing

Daytime Outfits: Toddlers are known for getting into a mess in the blink of an eye. Plan on packing one outfit for each day of your trip and then a couple of extras because you never know when they might accidentally spill something on themselves.

One thing to consider is if you can do laundry while on vacation. If so, you can get away with packing a little less and washing your toddler’s clothes after a few days.

Pajamas: When packing pajamas for your toddler, you’ll want to bring one pair for every night you’ll be away, plus a couple of extras, just in case. Again, if you can do laundry, you can skip the extras and wash what you bring if need be.

Underwear: If your toddler is potty trained, you’ll want to pack a pair for each day, plus a few extras for backup in the event of an accident.

Socks and Shoes: Remember to grab one pair of socks for each day of your trip to your toddler packing list. Then, you’ll want to bring a pair of comfortable walking shoes and/or sandals.

Swimsuit: If you are going to a beach, waterpark, or staying near a pool, don’t forget a swimsuit for your kiddo!

Weather Appropriate Jacket/Coat: Remember to bring a suitable jacket for your toddler. If you are traveling to a warmer climate, a light hoodie or sweater would be appropriate, but if it’s cold, you should pack a thicker jacket. It’s just as important as packing an appropriate hat.

Weather Appropriate Hat: When traveling with your toddler, pack a hat suitable for the season and your destination. For instance, if it’s winter, bring a warm hat, while a UV-protecting sun hat would be ideal for a warmer beach vacation.

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Toddler Travel Packing List: Sleep

Sound Machine: Keeping your child’s sleep routine as close to normal as possible is crucial. Well-rested kids equal a more fun vacation! One thing both of my kids love having is their sound machines. 

Both of my children love this sound machine, and it’s been so helpful in creating good sleep habits. It’s undoubtedly one of the things I would hate to forget when packing for a trip!

Cozy Blanket: Bringing your toddler’s coziest blanket will help them feel comfortable and familiar. Also, having a cozy blanket for your toddler to cuddle up with when going on a road trip can be nice.

Pillow: Bring your toddler’s pillow to ensure they can get the best rest possible while away. My son has this toddler pillow, and he loves it! It’s the perfect size, and it doesn’t flatten out.

Travel Blackout Blinds: Blackout blinds are crucial for maintaining a consistent bedtime for your toddler. Consider bringing travel blackout blinds like these ones, which will keep your baby’s bedtime routine as close to normal as possible. 

These blinds are easy to set up as they have suction cups to attach to the window. They are also affordable, with the option of purchasing a pack of one or two, and available in a variety of colors and patterns to choose from.

Baby Monitor: If your toddler will be sleeping in a separate room from you, be sure to pack your baby monitor.

Toddler Travel Packing List: Gear

Car Seat: Clearly, you’ll need a car seat when taking a road trip. But you also must remember to bring it when flying so your toddler has a safe seat when you reach your destination.

Backpack/Diaper Bag: Bringing a diaper bag or backpack is a very beneficial thing to do. It allows you to have some essentials with you wherever you go! 

When we travel, I tend to pack an extra outfit and some things we often need, like snacks and small toys. Also, if your toddler isn’t potty trained yet, you’ll want to bring diapers and wipes in your bag.

Travel Cot With Sheets: If you’ve moved your toddler out of their crib and into a big kid bed, bringing a travel cot can be a lifesaver! Not only will you have your bed to yourself, but a travel cot is much lower to the ground, making it easier for little kids to use it safely and independently.

We got our toddler this travel cot, and he absolutely loves it! It comes with a soft sheet to protect the cot and has plenty of room for him to grow into. 

Stroller: Depending on where you’ll be going and how much waking you’ll do, you’ll want to consider if you need to bring a stroller. 

Toddler Travel Packing List: Play

A Camera: One of my toddler’s favorite items is this camera we got him for his third birthday. He loves taking pictures any chance he gets, and he can get some surprisingly good ones!

Giving your toddler a camera while on vacation is a fun way to get some pictures you might not have necessarily taken. 

Security Item: If your toddler has a security item like a lovey or blanket, you won’t want to forget it at home. 

3-5 Favorite Toys: Toddlers don’t always have the longest attention spans, so it’s ideal to bring a few toys you know will hold their attention. 

A Couple Books: Books are always a great option to have when traveling. Reading books together can help pass the time when waiting in the car or on a flight. And if you read bedtime stories, you won’t want to stop that routine! Check out this list of some of our favorite board books!

Toddler Travel Packing List: Mealtime

Bibs: If your kiddo still uses bibs, you’ll want to pack a few to prevent clothing stains while you’re away. These ones are a great option that can be easily washed.

Utensils: Some might think bringing kid-sized utensils is unnecessary. But if you have enough room, small utensils can help your child eat more efficiently. 

Sippy Cups/Water Bottle: Staying hydrated is vital while traveling. Ensure you add sippy cups or water bottles to your toddler packing list. 

Snacks: Besides water, snacks are another essential thing to bring while traveling. Nobody wants a hangry toddler!

When packing snacks, you’ll want to bring easy options. Foods like bananas, crackers, and granola bars are a great place to start!

Toddler Travel Packing List: Bathing and Health

Diapers and Wipes/Pull-Ups (if needed): If your toddler hasn’t started potty training or is in pull-ups, you’ll want to ensure you bring enough for at least your travel days. 

To save space in your suitcase, you can always buy a small pack of what you need when you get to your destination. 

Portable Potty Seat: If your kiddo is potty trained (or is working on it), you need this portable potty seat! This little seat folds up quickly to fit in a diaper bag or backpack and secures most toilet seats.

Plastic Bags: Plastic bags are handy for many things when traveling, especially with a toddler. I carry these ones with us so we can easily use them for garbage, wet/dirty clothes, or dirty diapers. 

Toiletries: You’ll need to add your kiddo’s toiletries to your toddler packing list. Remember things like soap/shampoo, lotion, toothbrushes, and toothpaste. 

Nail Clippers: I’ve found that it’s better to have nail clippers with you and not need them rather than need them and not have them. So throw some nail clippers in your purse or toiletries bag!

Hairbrush/Comb: Hairbrushes and combs are easily forgotten; I can speak from experience! Be sure to add them to your list so they aren’t overlooked. 

Also, ensure you pack any hair bows, headbands, or hair ties if your child uses them. 

Hand Sanitizer: Adding hand sanitizer to a bag that’s easily accessible is recommended. Hand sanitizer can be very helpful when you need to quickly clean your hands when there isn’t a bathroom nearby.

First Aid Kit: A first aid kit is important because you never know when you’ll need it. This one is a great option, especially if you are taking a road trip and can easily slide it under a car seat.

Free Printable Packing Checklist

Click here to download!

And there you have it, the ultimate toddler packing list. Overall, packing for your toddler is all about being prepared and anticipating their needs while you’re away. 

By bringing the proper necessities, you’ll be able to enjoy your trip with ease, knowing that your child is comfortable and their needs are met. So, take the time to plan and pack accordingly, and you’ll be ready for a stress-free journey with your kiddo!

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What’s something you might have forgotten without a toddler packing list? I’d love to know in the comments below!

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